5 Ways You Can Contact Uber for Help

5 Ways You Can Contact Uber for Help

We’ve all taken to the internet to complain when we have a problem. Typically, this is down to the customer support for the company in question being almost unreachable or flat-out useless at times. In a world of outsourcing support services in a bit to cut costs, this is becoming an ever-increasingly popular trend – which isn’t always for the best.

In this regard, Uber is no different. It’s rather surprising for a company that has caused such a disruption to the transportation industry to be lacking in such a critical area of its service. You would think they would be more than keen to deliver the best customer support possible to meet the ongoing demand.

However, this isn’t the case at all. Instead, when you do decide to contact them – or truly need them – the most you’ll receive is a standardized template email that an employee on minimum wage decided would best suit your query. Not good. It is understandable that this can put a strain on the rideshare drivers who practically run the service.

The problem is rather simple – when you’re in trouble, you need a point of contact for the company you’re working with. Especially if it’s an emergency or time-sensitive. Unfortunately, Uber no longer even has a hotline for accidents and emergencies – having discounted this service as of last month. This means those using the (844) 326-5774 number, which would previously allow them to contact a human user, will no longer be able to do so.

It’s troubling for sure. Especially if you need an almost instantaneous response to your problem. However, there are other ways of contacting the company. Some are easier than others and some come with a higher success rate.

Due to the amount of confusion on this front we’re going to take a look at the various methods of contacting Uber, and fill you in on all the information you might need to do so. Ultimately, we hope this will provide you with the best point of contact for contacting the rideshare company – for when you need to the most.

Uber Help Portal (

This is undoubtedly the easiest and quickest way to find answers to your problem. It should be your first step to finding a solution – but will most likely not be your last. The answers on here are often very detailed, but only cover an array of frequently asked questions collated by Uber itself.

How often some of these questions are asked, we’re not sure. Because, they don’t seem to cover many areas, in reality. Instead, they cover the most obvious scenarios and questions possible. Though, that’s perhaps understandable.

The answers on this website can be tailored to the city where you are operating as a rideshare driver. This can be very handy for finding the most relevant information possible to you. Simply type in your city by using the ‘select a city’ tab at the top right hand corner of the site.

It is also through this portal that you can contact a customer service representative directly – through email, of course. As if you expected any less.

Contacting Uber by Email

Sometimes there’s an occasion when you simply need to speak to a human user, and not read through previously asked questions from other users. When it comes to Uber, the easiest way to accomplish this is by dropping their customer support team an email.

There’s a couple of ways this can be done. The first, is simply by dropping Uber’s generic support line ( an email. The second, is by contacting a representative in your specific area. Some of the most common of these are found below:

Though, more often than not, simply contacting Uber’s email hotline, will see them direct you to the appropriate person. It is often best to use this point of contact for the fastest response.

There are some things to keep in mind when emailing not Uber. These can be pretty universal for most companies – so it’s best to know them. The first, is that you should only ask one question at a time. Don’t swamp them with several questions in one email, as they are likely to only go overlooked. It is also worth ensuring that your question is clear and precise – to the point. Don’t beat about the bush – be direct. If you have more than one question, wait for your first to be answered, and then ask another. This will save you asking the same thing, over and over again, without result.

Once you receive a response, be sure to respond to that email. If they are answering your questions – keep in touch with them, directly. Don’t start all over again. Similarly, if you are finding the person who’s responded to be of no help, swap this around – and email the support line again, until you get someone else.

You should be persistent, but not to persistent. There’s a fine line between checking-in and spamming. If your email has seemingly gone unnoticed for a couple of days – or is an actual emergency, you should feel free to check-in with the support team. Though, don’t send them several emails, all asking the same thing. Its standard practice for companies to have systems in place that send such emails directly to the trash.

Check out Uber’s Local Partner Sites

In addition to its main site (, the rideshare service has several partner sites that are ran by individual states. Though, they aren’t as well publicized, and can often take some digging to find – we’ll dive into how you can find them shortly.

However, these can often be very handy to visit, as they offer information that will be specific to the very area that you are operating under. This can include:

  • Uber’s local customer support email address for your city or state.
  • Opening hours of your local Uber office, along with address and how to find it.
  • Licence requirements for the state.
  • Accepted vehicles for each Uber service type including UberX, UberXL, UberBLACK and UberSUV.
  • Information on renting or leasing a vehicle for Uber in your respective area.

These sites can typically be found through Google, but we’ve included some of the most searched for ones below:

Contact Uber on Twitter

Social media. Everyone’s on it these-days. And in this regard, Uber is no different. Though, unlike other companies that spend enormous amounts of time answering queries from their users, this isn’t the case with Uber – at all. Instead, if you check how often they actually do reply you’ll be amazed. Though, who knows – you might be one of the lucky few that do.

Uber operates a couple of different Twitter accounts, including several that are dedicated to specific cities. The most commonly used, however, is @Uber and @Uber_Support. The latter of the two, has seemingly been almost entirely quiet since December. Yikes.

Even Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick is on Twitter (@travisk). Perhaps you’d like to tell him directly to improve Uber’s customer support operations? Perhaps he’ll take note.

Visit a Local Uber Office during Opening Hours

If you aren’t having much luck finding an answer on Uber’s help website, or can’t seem to get your question answered via email or Twitter, the alternative solution is to visit a local Uber office during opening hours. The best part about this? You’ll be able to speak to a human, in-person.

This is especially useful if you have a real accident or emergency on your hands and need some assistance. Though, why these offices don’t have an active phone number that can be used to contact them, we have no idea. It would seem like a no-brainer.

As aforementioned, the opening hours for these offices can be found on Uber’s local partner websites. If you can’t seem to find the information on there, it’s best to simply drop them an email (yes, we know), and ask them for the details. We’ve listed examples for two of the most commonly requested below:

  • San Francisco – 301 Vermont Street. Open on Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM, and on Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Closed on Sunday.
  • Los Angeles – 1726 Westwood Blvd, Suite 100. Open on Monday – Friday 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Ultimately, there are a whole host of ways to contact Uber. Though, it’s surprisingly hard to get in touch with them, still. For a company that is growing at such an exponential rate, it is disappointing to see them not investing more resources in customer support. We hope this will change in the near future, but for the moment, it remains the case. Stay tuned.

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