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$50 New Lyft Driver Sign-up Bonus

Start Driving and Get the $50 Lyft Driver Sign-Up Bonus

If you’re one of those people who have seen the Lyft offers (think $750, $500, $250, $100) for signing bonuses for all new drivers in certain cities, but live outside of those areas, you may have felt a certain level of disappointment. Obviously, earning a few hundred dollars in sign-up money would be a real boon to anyone’s wallet, right? If your inability to qualify for one of those bonuses has you down in the dumps but you still want to be a rideshare driver, then we’ve got great news for you! Even if you don’t live in a city that qualified for a higher bonus rate, you still qualify for the company’s $50 Lyft Driver Sign-Up Bonus that applies in every area the company’s network serves.

Obviously, in this economy even fifty dollars can be a big deal! Still, if you were thinking about becoming a driver anyway, it only makes sense to jump in while the company is still offering these types of bonuses. Face it: there may come a day when the market is saturated with drivers and these signing bonuses just aren’t offered any more.

This promotional offer is valid in every market serviced by Lyft, except those that are offering even higher rates. Currently, that includes cities like Sacramento, Phoenix, and Tucson. Always be sure to check on the different areas before signing up, however, since different promotional rates go into effect all the time and sometimes with little warning.

How the Promotion works

If you are driving in an area covered by this promotional bonus plan, you only have to meet a few base requirements to qualify for the bonus. First, you have to be an approved Lyft driver, having successfully gone through the application process and background check. Second, you have to use their app to meet passengers who need rides around the area. Finally, you have to give 50 rides to those passengers within the space of 30 days after your approval is granted. For the purposes of calculating the bonus, no single passenger can be counted more than twice.  That means that you need at least 25 unique passengers to meet your quota.

Bur first you have to get approved…

Getting Approved to Drive with Lyft

The approval process might seem somewhat daunting at first, but it’s really not as complex as it might seem. It all begins when you find a promo link on Google, Facebook, or some other site and follow it to the Lyft signup page. There you will begin the process of signing up to obtain approval to drive for the company. You’ll note also that using a promo link puts the required promo bonus code into the correct field on the signup page.

You begin by entering your phone number, waiting for the SMS text code to arrive in your text inbox, and then entering that code where required on the page. This will verify your phone number – something that is critical for this company, since everything from getting matched with passengers to getting paid seems to revolve around your smart phone and their app!

With that out of the way, you now move on to verifying some basic details about your vehicle. List the make and model of the car, as well as the manufacturer year. They’ll also ask about the number of doors and seat belts that your vehicle is equipped with, so answer those questions as well.

Personal details are next in line. These include your legal name and birthday, as well as your social security number, a valid address, and your driver’s license details. They will also ask for your consent to a background check that will look for criminal convictions for DUIs or violent acts. This check is designed to protect their customer base, so it is mandatory.

The Mentor Arrives

Once the application is completed and before the actual background check takes place, a representative mentor will arrive to meet you in person. This will typically take place at some agreeable location nearby. The mentor’s job is to fully inspect your vehicle and make sure that you represented it accurately in your application. The mentor will also ask you to drive her around town for awhile so that your skills behind the wheel can be verified. That’s a normal part of the process, so just relax and enjoy the drive.

This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions that you may still have about how the entire process works. The company’s mentors are very knowledgeable about its operations, so they can be invaluable for ensuring that you fully understand what is expected of you and – more importantly – what you can expect from Lyft.

Final Approval and the Quest for the Bonus!

Once the mentor has left, all that you have to do is receive your approval. Once it arrives, you can begin to use the app and get paired with passengers who need your service. Since you have to accumulate a total of fifty rides in thirty days, you should plan on working a few hours for four or five days or nights to ensure that you have an opportunity to meet the quota.

Can you meet that quota? It might seem tough to do, but when you make yourself available on a regular basis, you’d be surprised how many passengers there are out there that are using the Lyft app to find drivers. Virtually every driver who is serious about meeting the goal does so with minimal effort!

The choice is actually pretty clear when you evaluate everything you know. Lyft provides the perfect platform for matching passengers up with the drivers who are ready to give them rides around town. And those passengers are growing in number with each passing day, as more people learn just how enjoyable it is to rely on the Lyft network of drivers rather than traditional taxis or buses. Best of all, signing up now can provide you with the opportunity to earn that $50 Lyft Driver Sign-Up Bonus too!


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