Current Uber Promotions [Updated 2019]

ubWith each passing day, Uber grows a bit larger. What was once a simple rideshare business is now a company that is transcending the transportation industry.

To maintain their rapid growth as things progress, Uber occasionally implements promotional offers.

There are a wide variety of promos, too. Some promotions are specifically for riders, such as free ride credits. While others, such as signup bonuses, are to increase the number of new drivers in the fleet.

If you notice that Uber is offering promotions in cities except yours, there’s a reason.

Offers vary by the city due to the fact that there is a different type of demand in that area. For example, one location may have tons of drivers and another area might have a shortage.

Things change at the drop of a hat with this industry. One day might be different than the next depending on the demand and growth.

Uber adjusts their promotional campaigns depending on this fluctuations. When this occurs, we do our best to keep track of all offers to share with you.

Bear in mind, there is a chance we will miss one every once in a while. Try not to hold it against us. Having said that, be sure to always check to ensure the validity of a promo code.

To-date, the following current promotions are up for grabs.


Uber Driver Promotions

Uber offers new drivers a plethora of rewards after sign up. One of the best promotions is a massive cash bonus.

Drivers interested in earning this large sum of money can get it. Especially if you want to work as a rideshare driver for the long-term.

To redeem the cash bonus from Uber, drivers first need to meet the standard sign-up requirements:

  • Be 21 years old or older
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Pass a background check
  • Meet Uber’s insurance policy
  • Have a vehicle made after 2005 that is in good condition
  • Have a smartphone

People who are able to meet these requirements are halfway to earning a nice chunk of money. The next set of tasks is almost as easy to do.

Once a driver signs up and qualifies to work for Uber, they need to complete at least 25 trips within the first 30 days. That’s it.

Even if a driver manages to complete three ride requests a day, they can still reach their goal within the first three weeks. Furthermore, anyone living in a larger city will have no problem meeting this goal in less than a month.

So, once you knock out this easy milestone, you can set your sights on getting the next payment bonus.

Dubbed the Hourly Guarantee, the rideshare giant offers drivers a per hour wage that reflects how much money they believe they should be earning on average. This business practice came about after 2016 when Uber announced they would be cutting the price of fares.

Once Uber realized this was impacting the number of drivers on the road, they introduced the Hourly Guarantee.

To qualify for this financial fail-safe, drivers only need to do two things. Accept a bare minimum of 90% of the trips you see come through and meet the average number of trips per hour block.

Keep in mind, the Hourly Guarantee rate is without Uber’s take home percentage.

To put this into perspective, if your Hourly Guarantee is $20, you will end up with $16 after Uber takes their share. Once the Hourly Guarantee becomes second nature, drivers can start boosting their income with referrals.

Uber makes it possible for experienced drivers to get paid for recruiting new people. To achieve this, first drivers will need to identify what their referral code is. The next step is to then pass it out and encourage new drivers to use it at signup.

Once they use the code and complete the required number of trips, you will earn a cash bonus for your efforts.

Since each unique promo code never expires, people can use it more than once. Which means you have a never ending chance to earn extra cash in a very passive way. One of the major challenges to getting your code out there is figuring out how to get people to use it.

The most popular way is to post the code on social media channels or by word of mouth. These are great routes to take, but in order for them to continue to work for you, you will need to think outside the box.

Not too outside the box, though. Eager drivers that attempt to use their code via Google Adwords or Facebook ads will not like the result. If Uber finds out you are sharing the code with these methods, they have the right to end your account.

So, if you run out of ways to get people to use your code, try referring new riders instead.

Here is how it works. Drivers create a personalized referral code for a free ride. People can cash in this code for the equal of $10 total credit if the rider is new to Uber. Once created, drivers can start sharing the code with anyone they want to.

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Drivers can offer the code to current passengers as a way to improve user satisfaction. This can lead to bigger tips down the road even if they can not use it.

Once a passenger has this free ride code, they can share it with someone who has never used Uber before. When this happens, the new passenger gets free ride credits and the driver gets $30 in ride credits. It’s encouraged that drivers share their unique code with as many people as they wish. The earning potential is limitless!

Uber Rider Promotions

New users interested in trying out Uber for the first time, pay attention to this. Some of the best new user promotions codes that are available on the market come directly from Uber.

Even so, if you want to try out the rideshare service and do not know which code is best, we have one available for you to use.

Before requesting your first ride, type in the Uber coupon code “winter36” into the promo code text box in the Uber app. If you do, you can get $2 off 5 rides. This promotion is valid until Expiration Date: 6/1/2019, so claim yours before it’s too late.

Bear in mind, you can only use this Uber credit offer on your first Uber trip and it is only valid in the United States. Furthermore, you cannot redeem this offer for cash and it does expire.

Uber Codes for Current Riders

If you are an existing user and feel like you are going to miss out on all the promo action, do not worry. Uber offers current riders sensational deals every once in a while.

For up-to-date information on Uber Promotions for Current Users:
Click Here

We try to stay up to date on these offers, but, they are usually claimed quickly. So, be sure to check back here or the Uber site every once in a while for new promotional codes.

The other way to get free credits if you are a current Uber user is to refer your friends. You simply just have to share your Uber referral code to get it. Once your friend uses your promo code to become an Uber user, you both get a free Uber credits. The referral program is great if you have a lot of friends or family who don’t use Uber yet.

Uber Partnership Promotions

Guess what? Uber has branched out into different industries and is not showing signs of stopping.

Uber partners up with companies involved in the following industries:

  • Charity
  • Entertainment
  • Event Organizers and Promoters
  • Colleges
  • Fashion
  • Military
  • Music
  • Food and Beverage
  • Sports
  • Professional Organizations

Having this type of partnership is pretty great, too. Especially if you know there are going to be guests that love to drink and might need a ride home.To contact Uber to get started, head here.

As a result of these partnerships, new drivers can buy new cars or lease the vehicle at a discounted price via Westlake Financial Services. The last industry under the Xchange Leasing title is car rental companies, such as Flexdrive.

With this partnership, drivers are able to rent the car they are going to be driving while working for Uber.

Uber Developer Program

Uber Developer Program

Want to partner up with Uber in a more technical way? If you have your own app service that is in need of a connection to the rideshare industry, you can join Uber’s developer program.

To get started, you can use the API Uber provides to integrate their services into your app.

As a reward, for every new Uber user redirected to their site via your app and completes their first trip, you will earn $5.

Keep in mind, there are special terms and conditions for this type of partnership as well. Feel free to review them in the list below.

  • User referrals are tracked through your Client ID
  • Partners only get paid if the person signs up with Uber via your API integration
  • Developers are only able to cash out the referral money they have earned in increments of $250
  • There is a limit of one payment being issued per month of the money earned
  • A maximum amount of $5,000 in referral fees can be earned and once this amount is exceeded, Uber unlocks a new tier of milestones for you

Getting the most out of your experience with Uber will depend on how you want to use the service.

No matter which way you choose to do this, you have loads of ways to make a ton of cash or at least get paid to use the service.

Check back with us again in the future for more promotional insights and useful industry related tips.

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Last updated February 10, 2020


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