Filling Out An Application

Filling out A Lyft Application

To become a Lyft driver you must completely fill out the Lyft Drivers application. All prospective drivers must fill out the application and submit it before they can start driving with Lyft. Remember, driving with Lyft you can make up to $35 and hour just to drive your car.

How to start the application

There are two ways to start your application. You can either install the Lyft application on your Smart Phone or you can go to the Lyft webpage and click on the pink “FREECAMPUS” button. It is located below the “Rides in Minutes advertisement.

Once you do this you will be pulled up to the “apply now” section. You will have to fill in a short page first with your full name, email, the city you are in; a phone number and promotional or referral code.

Remember that in order to be eligible for the huge sign-on bonuses that Lyft is giving out, you must enter a Lyft driver referral code when you sign up. You can use our code, DRIVEFORLYFT, for the highest possible bonus.

Finally you must read and accept the Lyft terms of use agreement. If you are using your smart phone you may be able to connect via Facebook to automatically fill in some of your information.

Once you do this you start step one and will receive a validation code in a text message to your phone. You will need to enter this code to confirm your phone number and move. In step two, you will need to fill in your vehicle information form, which includes the year, make, model; number of doors and color of your car.

Step three is the driver information form or personal information form. You will need to provide your full name, social security number (SSN), date of birth, your driver’s license number and its expiration date. Additionally you will have to check a small box stating that you have had your driver’s license for more than one year. Having your license for longer than a year is required by Lyft and failure to do so will result in disqualification from employment.

Also on this form you will have to provide your residential address and read and accept the Background check disclosure. Background checks are important with Lyft so that we can ensure that our drivers are in good standing and fall into a positive standing with our rules regarding driving offenses.

Remember that Lyft is not everywhere just yet so we if you are not in a city where Lyft offers services your application will be put on hold and we will get back to you as soon as we have the opportunity to expand into your area. Lyft is always expanding so you may not be waiting too long to hear from us.

After doing this Lyft will conduct a background check and will be in touch, usually through email, very soon. If you do not pass your background check you will have to wait until you are in compliance with the Lyft driver’s history rules before applying again.

I Passed My Background Check, Now What?

Once you’ve passed your background check and have received your confirmation Lyft will start to request further information from you. This information is to include the following…

  • You must provide a copy of your Driver’s License and Insurance that is in your name.
  • Photos of your tires with the required penny tread indicator must be sent in as well.
  • Photo confirmation of your vehicle having all required license plates and other accessories is required as well.

Remember that you must be completely honest with Lyft in this process. Passengers can leave reviews of drivers and even contact Lyft if they have a problem through our customer service representatives. Lyft will not tolerate any lies regarding your vehicles safety and such violations may result in dismissal from employment with Lyft.

Your application is the most important part of joining the Lyft family and we look forward to receiving it. Good Luck!

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