Drunk & Disorderly: Dealing With The Night Crowd

How Much Does Lyft Or Uber Pay Drivers For Vomit?

While driving for Lyft you will occasionally run into passengers who are intoxicated. Seriously.. they are shameless sometimes. One guy lit a joint in in my friend’s car, and some drivers are convinced everybody is drunk. These passengers still need to be treated with respect and dignity even if they do not show any.

If a passenger (regardless if they are healthy, sick or under the influence of drugs or alcohol) causes any damage to your vehicle you need to report it to the Lyft support team within twenty four hours. You should always check your vehicle for damage after each ride and if you find any you are required to provide at least two pictures of the damage and any identifying information for the passenger (name, pick up or drop off information). Lyft determines fees that are charged to passengers and amounts are based on a case by case basis.

Lyft driver submit damage request
If you receive damage to your vehicle, report it to Lyft through this link immediately

How to Treat Drunk and Disorderly Passengers

Proper treatment of passengers must always be adhered to, especially if a passenger is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and if they person is showing disorderly conduct. However if you feel like you are in danger you can ask the passenger to cancel the ride. If they refuse you can cancel the ride and then immediately contact Lyft to explain the situation in detail. If you do transport your passenger remember to be patient with them and do your best to keep them happy. Your passenger may ask you to pull over because they are going to be sick or even get sick in your vehicle if this happens do not get angry, maintain your composure and if there is damage file a case with Lyft so that we can get you any compensation you deserve. Also remember that many intoxicated people tend to leave large tips so sometimes it is worth it to be tolerant of their condition.

What If a Passenger Brings Drugs or Alcohol Into Your Vehicle?

Lyft has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol in Lyft Driver’s vehicles. This applies to drivers but also to passengers. In the event that this happens it is best to deny the transport and cancel the ride. Afterwards you need to call in to Lyft and report the situation. If at any time the passenger refuses to exit your vehicle it is recommended that you call the local police immediately and then call Lyft to report it. Passengers who cause issues with Lyft drivers can be removed from the Lyft system and denied access to their services. Lyft’s 24/7 contact number is 1-855-865-9553.

Ratings are important!

As we touched on before, ratings are a very important part of the Lyft experience. They act as a checks and balances system for both riders and drivers alike. If a passenger acts up in your car, and you feel like other drivers shouldn’t be paired with them, rate them a 3 or below and you will never be paired with them again.

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