Earn More With Driver Referrals

Earn More With Lyft Driver Referrals!

A great way to earn some extra cash is to refer new drivers to the Lyft platform. Remember the Lyft driver referral code you entered when you first signed up? It was likely from another driver who was taking advantage of the referral program Lyft is offering.

What Is Recruiting?

Recruiting is when you, as a Lyft Driver, refer Lyft to other drivers for employment opportunities or when you refer possible customers to our services. Lyft has many two ways for you to refer people, Customer Referrals and Driver Referrals. Lyft loves when you refer people to us and we offer bonuses and incentive to do so.

Driver Referrals

Each driver can only be referred to Lyft by one person. There are two ways to refer a driver to Lyft. If you log into the Referral Dashboard you can enter your friends email addresses and send them invitations to join the Lyft community of drivers. If they choose to join us they can click on the link in the email and it will take them straight to the application process where your code will be applied to their account.

Sharing your referral code is another way to refer friends to Lyft. If you give someone your code and they enter it directly into the app upon sign up, you will both be eligible for any promotions in your area. One way to share your code is through social media. You can access the referral dashboard and share your code from there or email it out to people in your contacts.

Customer Referrals

Each new passenger can only have one referral linked to their account. However, if a passenger has already requested you as their driver it is too late for them to enter your code. Only brand new passengers can enter referral codes into the Lyft system. You can send out customer referrals through the referral portal, social media and even business cards. In fact you can receive up to a sixty percent discount on referral cards through our partner Vistaprint. When these new passengers sign up they will receive between a five dollar and ten dollar discount towards each qualifying ride. You as the driver will receive a bonus. Customer Referral bonuses are added to your daily summaries and paid out just all other bonuses.

Referral Bonuses

Referrals can earn you bonuses based on the city you are in. The amounts are subject to change based on demand for new drivers. The region you are in weighs heavily on this. The Lyft promotions page regularly shows which cities currently have referral bonuses and how much Lyft is offering. Once your referral completes all of their requirements you will receive an email letting you know. It may take one to two pay cycles for you to receive you bonus but you will see it when you receive your weekly driver summary.

Driver Application Process

The driver application process is crucial to driver referrals because this is where the drivers you have referred to Lyft will inform Lyft that you referred them. The new driver applicant will have to enter your referral code or accept your email invite in order for Lyft to know that you referred them to us. Once they have been approved to drive for Lyft and they have completed the required amount of rides, you will be awarded your referral bonus for the new driver. Remember in order to receive any referral bonuses you must be an active Lyft driver at the time of their completion of all requirements. If you stop driving for Lyft before the person you referred completed their requirements you will not receive a referral bonus.

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