Get More Tips

Get More Lyft Tips

Tips are a crucial part of being a Lyft driver. You can make great money giving rides to people just off of the standard ride fees, but tips can make an impressive difference. If you learn how to earn more and bigger tips you will be able to possibly double or triple your earning. Remember that tips are tax free so the more money you make means the more money you get to bring home at the end of the week. There are some basic techniques that you can use to improve your chances of receiving better and more tips.

Your vehicle and the way you drive it can impact a passenger’s opinion of you very quickly. Always make sure your vehicle is one hundred percent clean and organized. Ensure that there is no trash or crumbs. These small details can make a big impression to a passenger. When you first meet a passenger call them by their name and be extremely friendly. Offer to help them with their luggage both when they get picked up and when you drop them off.

You should feel free to start up a conversation and even if the passenger doesn’t want to chat at least you made the effort. Relaxing music can set an easy going mood for the passenger as well, or you can even plug in an auxiliary cord and offer it to the passenger to pick their own music.

All these tips can really help you to bring in better tips and hopefully have passengers return to Lyft and request you as their driver. These tips may not work one hundred percent of the time but they do have a massive chance of creating return customers.

A bonus fact for you is that as a Lyft Driver you have a better chance than an Uber driver to get tips. The Uber application does not have an option for passengers to tip their drivers and they are not technically allowed to accept cash tips. Lyft gives you an opportunity you cannot find anywhere else.

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