Pickups and Dropoffs

How To Make Sure You Have The Right Passenger

When you accept a passenger it is always important to make sure that you are picking up the right person. If you pick up the wrong person you can place yourself in danger and cause a passenger to be stranded. Additionally if you pick up the wrong person you can cause the person you were supposed to pick up to pay for someone else’s ride. This can result in a passenger never returning to Lyft and issues with payment.

The best ways to know if you are picking up the right person is to ask their name and have them confirm that the driver’s picture on their phone is actually you. Remember there may be multiple people being picked up from the same location by different drivers with completely different destinations. The last thing you want to do is take a customer to the wrong destination.

Tap to Arrive and Tap to Drop Off

You have to be in driver mode to receive ride requests. Go into your Lyft app and tap the steering wheel icon in the top right to activate driver mode. The icon turns pink while in driver mode. When you receive a request you will see a notification with a picture of the passenger. Tap the screen to automatically accept the request. You only have fifteen seconds to accept the ride or another Lyft driver will be given the passenger. Once you arrive at your customers location you must use the Tap to Arrive button on the screen, this will start the passengers trip and their bill timer. Once you arrive at your passenger’s destination you will be prompted to ‘Cancel’ to stay in the ride or to ‘Confirm’ to end the ride and drop off your passenger.

Passengers With Small Children and Passengers Who Are Under 18 Years Old

Lyft does not allow children seventeen or younger to be transported without the accompaniment of an adult. There are no exceptions to this rule, remember if you are not sure about a passengers age you can ask them in a respectable tone and explain why you are asking to them. Additionally, all traffic laws must be observed at all times. If you have a passenger with a child they must be in a car seat or booster seat. Passengers cannot hold their babies or allow their toddlers to be buckled in without a booster seat. As a Lyft driver you are responsible for enforcing these rules and laws. Lyft is not responsible for any citations or accidents that occur regarding these rules and laws.

How to accommodate Handicapped Passengers

Occasionally you may be called upon to transport someone who has a disability. Please remember that disabilities are not always physical. Service animals are allowed to be transported with Lyft passengers and should be reasonably accommodated. Lyft passengers that are in wheel chairs that can safely and securely fit in your vehicle are allowed as well. You should always ask a passenger if there is any way you can assist them in getting into the vehicle and how to properly store their wheelchair in your vehicle. Lyft drivers that refuse to provide a ride to a handicapped passenger are subject to dismissal from the Lyft Driver Program. If a wheelchair cannot fit into your vehicle safely and securely you must first cancel the ride and then contact the Lyft Critical Response Line and they will reach out to the passenger with acceptable resources for the region in which you are located.

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