Sign-On Bonuses

Lyft Sign-Up Bonuses

Offered as a form of encouragement new drivers beginning with Lyft are now being offered a sign-on bonus. With some of the highest offers seen around today the value of the sign-on bonus amounts vary anywhere from $50 all the way up to $1,000, as currently being offered in Boston. Dependant on the need for new drivers within an area, higher amounts are being paid for areas currently lacking in operational drivers.

There is no time like the present to begin your career in this rapidly expanding industry. In order to take advantage of this generous offer presently available with Lyft certain requirements must first be adhered to. These bonuses are based on the city you are in. In order to receive these bonuses you are required to complete fifty to one hundred trips in a one month time frame. This is pretty easy because it averages out to about three trips per day.

$500 Lyft Bonuses

There are five cities where you can qualify for the $500 Lyft Sign-On Bonus; Las Vegas, Nashville, Portland and the Silicon Valley. In order to receive these bonuses you must live and work in these areas and finish fifty trips in thirty days. New York has a slight difference though; you must complete one hundred trips in order to qualify for the sign on bonus.

These trips fees are paid separately from the sign on bonuses. When you receive your bonus it is added to your pay just like any other bonus. There are no deductions and no additional fees. For example, if you bring in $340 in earning and receive your bonus you will be receiving a total amount of $840 before taxes.

$750 Lyft Bonuses

There are currently six cities in the US that offer the $750 Lyft Sign-On Bonus; Austin, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington D.C. Just like the $500 bonus you must live and work in these areas and finish a minimum of fifty trips in thirty days to qualify.

It is important to know that these sign on bonuses are not the same as Lyft’s weekly and monthly guarantees or the double sided bonus. These sign on bonuses are purely for new drivers who are just starting with Lyft. We hope that this information has helped you to further understand the Lyft driver Sign-On Bonuses program. If you have further questions please feel free to contact Lyft.

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