Maximize Earnings With SherpaShare

Maximize Earnings with SherpaShare

SherpaShare is a free app for your IOS phones that is designed for drivers who work for multiple ridesharing companies. SherpaShare allows you to see exactly how much money you are making each day while driving for Lyft or Uber. That’s not all though, if you work for any other ride share companies you can connect with those as well. Being linked to each company is not required though to input earnings. You can manually add in earnings from any side jobs you may complete on your SherpaShare dashboard.

SherpaShare is currently only available for desktop computers or IOS phones and laptops. Android users don’t need to feel left out though because due to the immense success of SherpaShare they will be releasing an Android version of the application very soon. **Updated –  SherpaShare for Android is now available to users!

Once you download the SherpaShare application you can make your account and sync your rideshare companies with your SherpaShare account to start viewing not only your combined payout but also your combined drivers rating. The application works in real time and automatically adds any new earning to your total. The program also features a mileage and fuel counter that tells you what your expenses have been on your SherpaShare dashboard.

How Can SherpaShare Help Me?

SherpaShare is a life saver for drivers that work for more than one ridesharing company. SherpaShare saves you time by putting all of your information from your rides all in one easy to read dashboard. From your dashboard you can even view your combined daily pay, ratings it even tells you what hours you are making the most money.

There are also cool features like SherpaShare Chat, which allows you to swap stories, information, and tips with other drivers just like you. I know tons of people that use SherpaShare, and it helps with everything from efficiency to taxes. You should really check it out. For a free app, it is pretty cool.

SherpaShare Tutorial Videos

Using SherpaShare 1/5: Getting Started

Using SherpaShare 2/5: Managing Work with Mileage Tracking

Using SherpaShare 3/5: Managing Work With Earnings Integration

Using SherpaShare 4/5: Collaborating with Driver Heatmaps

Using SherpaShare 5/5: Collaborating with Driver Chat

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