Lyft Mentor Session

Lyft Mentor Session

In most cities the last step of your Lyft driver’s application is the Mentor Session. The Mentor Session is done with an assigned mentor who is an experience Lyft driver. This mentor will help your through the Mentoring Session and put you on your way to becoming an experienced Lyft driver. The last page of your application will ask you to set up an appointment to meet with your company assigned mentor.

Mentoring Overview

The mentor process with cover a nineteen point vehicle inspection and a practice ride. The mentor session can take up to forty five minutes so please ensure an open schedule during the appointed time. You mentor is there to help so please be aware that you can ask him or her any questions that you may have during this time.

Car Evaluation

The car evaluation consists of a nineteen point inspection of your vehicle to ensure that it is up to Lyft standards. The inspection will cover many things including the condition of your vehicles body to ensure there is no excessive damage. The mentor will also go through the interior of your vehicle to ensure that everything is functioning properly and that the vehicle is clean. Remember to clean your vehicle very thoroughly inside and out before the mentor arrives. The mentor will inform you of any issues that need addressed as well as answer any questions you may have about your vehicle. Lyft works with our drivers and we always want to ensure that you feel comfortable as one. Do not hesitate to speak to your mentor about your vehicle. After you have completed your vehicle inspection you will continue on to the test drive.

Ride Evaluation

The ride evaluation consists of the mentor riding along as a passenger would in a test drive with you. The mentor will give you a destination and you will have to take him or her there as if you would any passenger. Remember that this is a simulated trip and that the Lyft Mentor will be acting as if they are just a regular passenger. The mentor will try to engage in a conversation with you and see how you react to different attitudes. As a Lyft driver you are expected to have a positive attitude and personality at all times. Remember that you will never know if your next customer is a regular person or someone of influence. Lyft is used by just about anyone.

How to Pass Your Lyft Mentor Session

Passing your Lyft Mentor Session may seem like an intimidating task but truth be told it isn’t. As long as your vehicle is properly cleaned and in full working order you will pass the Car evaluation. If the mentor recommends something or tells you to fix something don’t get discouraged because once you start driving you will see the benefits of joining Lyft. If you keep a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor with your mentor then you will be sure to pass your ride evaluation. Giving someone a ride is not very hard and it can be an enjoyable experience. People always want to talk and you never know what you might learn on the job.

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