Prime Time & Weekly Guarantees

Prime Time

Lyft offers our drivers many incentives to help them make more money to enjoy the opportunities associated with working for Lyft. Prime Time adds a considerable percentage to your ride subtotal before adding any taxes and fees. When ride requests highly outnumber the amount of drivers the Lyft system will automatically turn on Prime Time. When this is activated you will see a circular icon on the top bar of your apps home screen. You will also receive a notification with the percentage that has been set for Prime Time. The percentage added to your subtotal is based on the demand and can have a wide range.

If you are already in a ride and Prime Time starts, that ride will not be charged extra. However, if Prime Time ends during a ride the bill will still include the additional Prime Time fees. Prime Time does not affect Lyft Line rides. Lyft Line rides are when a passenger is going from one point to another with no additional stops and can pair additional people into one ride who will ultimately split the bill. When performing a Lyft Line during prime time you will not see a change in pricing so don’t be alarmed or think that your app has stopped working; it is all normal.

Weekly Guarantees

New Drivers with Lyft who are in select cities can earn weekly guarantees. If you don’t earn the guaranteed amount Lyft will cover what is mission. However you must be approved to drive with Lyft under a referral code or promotional code and be approved to start driving within thirty days of starting your Driver employment application. Additionally you must complete enough rides, hours and achieve a ninety percent acceptance rate for each week under the guarantee. Payment of this guarantee will be on your next direct deposit. Remember we do calculate tips into your guarantees so work hard for bigger tips.

Hourly Guarantees

In certain cities Lyft will guarantee your average hourly earnings. You must opt in each week to qualify for the guarantee. If you want to opt in please make sure you do by 11:59pm each Sunday, otherwise you will have to wait until the following week. You must also maintain a ninety percent acceptance rate just like the Power Driver Bonus. For an hour to count towards your average you must spend at least fifty minutes in driver mode and fulfill the hourly completed ride requirement. Remember that a ride is only considered completed after you tap the drop off button on the Lyft app.

Guaranteed pay amounts can change hour by hour and week to week. Some hours can be guaranteed at twenty five dollars and others at twenty hours. Lyft will review your eligible gross ride receipts from similar hours with that designated amount. We then calculate your average hourly receipts and if your average does not exceed the guaranteed average then we will provide you with a bonus to make up the rest. Remember we always review the hours you work for other guaranteed amounts in order to repeat this process in the future.

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