Welcome To Lyft

Module 3: Getting Started

Welcome to Lyft!

Welcome to Lyft! We are glad to have you in our ever expanding family. As a new Lyft driver, the Lyft team will be sending you a Lyft Welcome Kit with a couple of things to help you get started driving with Lyft. If at any time you have a problem, concern or question remember that you can always call Lyft.

The Welcome Kit

The Lyft Welcome Kit will be mailed to you upon completion and acceptance of you application. When you receive it you will find the Mustache Emblem and the ‘Getting Started Guide’. You should place your moustache emblem in the lower right hand corner of your windshield. Lyft recommends that you leave it in the plastic sleeve that it comes in and place it inside the window. If you lose you emblem you can contact Lyft and they will send you another one. In the meantime simply print a temporary out from the Lyft website.

Lyft glowstache 450x338

Once you have completed one hundred rides you will receive a Glowstache to put on your dashboard. The Glowstas goes on your dashboard and is designed to help passengers find you at night or when in crowds. Once the Glow Stash is on your dashboard simply press the pink button to make it pulse pink.

Your “Getting Started Guide”

The Getting Started Guide has tons of tips and information for drivers regarding a wide variety of topics including giving rides, application info, prime time pay, setting up your accounts to receive earnings, how to find earnings info and your city or state requirements as a driver. There are so many bits of useful information included in this guide that you will be well on your way to becoming a five star driver. If you work hard and don’t give up Lyft can be one of the best financial decisions of your life. Safe driving, good luck and welcome to Lyft!

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