Uber Driver Pay

You’re probably wondering how you get paid for your work with Uber. This process is very simple and all takes place virtually thanks to the app and digital payments. Uber is cashless, meaning that transactions take place online only. This not only simplifies a driver’s job, but it also reduces robberies and increases driver and rider safety.

Pay structure

Uber uses the data from your trip, particularly the time between starting the trip and dropping off, to calculate the fare each time. Remember to tap!

Immediately after a trip, you will see the fare on your screen. You can press the ‘get fare review’ button if you feel the amount is wrong. You’ll be asked to enter an option that reflects the situation. Only do this if absolutely necessary and do not ask the rider for money to fix the problem! Uber will handle any disputes for you.

Uber driver pay day: daily and weekly summaries

You can view daily and weekly summaries of your activity on your Uber app. You’ll see how many fares you had in a day and how much money you took. Your weekly summary will give you a better picture of how much you’ll actually receive. You can request a detailed breakdown of any trip to double-check your records.

After each ride, Uber charges the rider immediately by electronic transfer. The money is stored in your Uber account until pay day. Uber measures a week from 6am on Monday to 5:59am the following Monday. Uber then takes a cut of 20% of your collected earnings, leaving you with 80% which is paid to you once a week, via direct deposit.

Note that these schedules can vary depending on your region.

Hourly guarantees

Uber offers hourly guarantees to help drivers make a minimum amount from their fares. These guarantees vary with time and location so we can only give you a rough example. A typical guarantee might look like this:

Sunday 7am-Friday 5pm – Off Peak – $15 per hour

Friday/Saturday 5pm-3am – Peak – $20 per hour

This example shows that between 7am on Sunday and 5pm on Friday you are operating in an off-peak period and are guaranteed to make at least $15 per hour. Naturally, you get this amount, a minimum amount of work is expected from you in return.

To get these guarantees, you will need to accept an average of one ride per hour, be online for 50 minutes of an hour and have an acceptance rate of 90% or more. In other words, you need to be reasonably active throughout that guarantee period, but at least you know you’ll enjoy a healthy minimum rate. Remember that the entire period is counted. For example, the average ride per hour spreads out over the whole period, so you could take several fares in the space of a few hours and then no fares for the next few hours and hopefully it’ll balance out.

Weekly guarantees

Keep your eye out for weekly guarantees, which work just the same as hourly guarantees. These will factor in your driving habits for an entire week’s work. They might, for example, require you to take 100 fares in the course of one week, but it’s up to you which days you take them on.

Sometimes there will be special requirements, such as staying in surge areas or opting in to claim offers (in other words, Uber might not always offer guarantees to everyone).

Working in guarantee times allows you to maximise your earnings without always working more, just choosing your times wisely. Always watch out for local guarantees and check your Uber email account regularly.


Tipping is not part of the Uber service by default. The company asks riders not to tip, instead factoring tips into the fares. This is intended to keep the experience quick and easy, making the most of the streamlined nature of apps. Riders should simply be able to tap, ride and go!

This also means that if a rider offers a tip anyway, you should politely decline. Simply remind them that tipping is not necessary. You can still accept tips if the rider insists and you won’t be penalised for this. Because Uber itself is cashless, they will have to hand you physical money, unless you have another wireless transfer app.

Surge pricing

Surge pricing occurs when there is high demand for Uber drivers. During peak times, bad weather and special events, you will be notified if you have accepted a fare in a surge pricing area. This means that the fare will be more expensive, because of the high demand. Therefore you may find more lucrative work by identifying areas that have surge pricing (such as sporting events or concerts) but you will have more competition.

The different amounts of demand are displayed on your app with colour codes. Red means surge! You’ll find riders in these areas easily. Sometimes the app will also display numbers that reflect an increase in fare amounts, such as x2 for double the usual fare.

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