Uber Driver Sign-on Bonus

During your application, you will see the option to claim a sign-on bonus. This can be from a voucher code, a special offer by Uber or a third party offer from another site.

Be wary with voucher codes, as often they expire quickly and can be confused with vouchers for Uber riders instead of drivers.

Uber special offers are often shown directly to you during your application, with a pop-up advert or similar. Here’s an example of a past offer:

uber ad 3

Already a rideshare driver? Great! Uber is offering new drivers just like you a large bonus after you sign up to drive with Uber and complete a certain number of trips. To qualify, you must prove you have driven BEFORE 3/31/15 on another ridesharing platform.”

Clearly it’s worth keeping an eye out for these offers, as here you can claim an extra five hundred dollars after working for just a short while. This particular offer is targeted at getting new drivers from rival rideshare platforms, so may not apply to you. You will also see simpler offers which don’t require you to make as many trips, or be an existing rideshare driver.

When you see these offers, if you have any doubts, contact Uber support and ask for clarification. Don’t worry, they will soon make it clear! It’s in their interest to help you. There’s never any harm in asking what bonuses you can get.

Third party offers come from sites affiliated with Uber. You may catch them on searches or social media. Often they work by linking you from the site to Uber. Again, it may be worth confirming that the offer is legitimate with Uber support.

Lastly, remember to look at promotional codes and offers for other services that relate to Uber. When becoming a driver, you’re bound to need help with tuning up your car, cleaning the interior, finding places to eat, etc. Search the web for sign up offers and you can soon cut costs that will help you make a success of driving for Uber.

Shop around! It’s worth looking for ways to get more reward from your hard work as a driver.

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