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7 Gadgets And Accessories Your Uber Car Must Have

It is best to be equipped with the right items and gadgets before going out for a long day of driving. This is essential for Uber drivers who take the wheel for most of the day. So, what are the top items drivers should have when using this ridesharing app?

Must-Have Gadgets and Accessories for Uber Trips

1. Charger

The Uber app is expected to consume lots of battery since it will be on for the entire day. Drivers must also consider the internet usage, navigation app, and probably Spotify that take their fair share of the smartphone’s battery. Hence, bringing a charger is a rule of thumb.

2. Car Phone Mount

Having a car phone mount is very helpful as this allows the driver to use the phone without actually holding it. With this, the driver keeps his hands on the wheel and checking for directions should be much more convenient. After all, anything that promotes safety should always be a must-have.

3. Auxiliary Cord for Music

On one hand, some riders prefer a peaceful journey. On the other hand, there are riders who want to get their groove on before arriving at their destination. Hence, it is best to have an auxiliary cord, so passengers can jive and sing along to their favorite tunes.

4. Mileage App

In most cases, drivers don’t opt to purchase a meter to measure a car’s mileage. Instead, drivers can download an app that can do the same thing for free like TripLog. This app measures the car’s odometer and also provides in-depth reports for IRS TAX returns.

5. Dash Cam

Having a dash cam on board helps record incidents that may occur. If the driver gets into an accident and is not at fault, the recorded videos can easily provide proof of the driver’s innocence. This can also be used to get out of tickets, help fight insurance fraud, and serve as a watchful eye when the vehicle is unattended.

6. TV Screen

 TV Screen | Gadgets And Accessories Your Uber Car Must Have
Riders can easily get bored when they are going on long trips. Eventually, glancing at social media accounts may get boring and passengers will definitely look for something else to turn their attention to. Having a TV that can play movies should do the job while ensuring rider’s satisfaction at the same time.

7. Karaoke

Although this is not compulsory, having karaoke will give a pleasant and unique experience to riders. Anyone who is having a bad day may want to use it to unwind. Passengers stuck in traffic can kill some time off by singing their hearts out too!

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There are many other gadgets and accessories that can be brought along for protection, security, and added pleasure and enjoyment of the riders. After all, drivers should go the extra mile to provide their passengers a great ride every single time. Achieving a 5-star rating should be easier with these useful gadgets around!

What gadgets should be found in an Uber car? Share if there are other gadgets that are a must-have in the comments below.

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