Introducing The Uber Partner Fuel Card

Uber Partner Fuel Card

In a partnership with MasterCard, Uber has just introduced their latest addition to the Momentum Driver Rewards Program, the Partner Fuel Card. The card is a partnership between Fleetcor and MasterCard, and provides qualifying drivers with savings of up to 15 cents off every gallon of gas they purchase at any gas station across the country!

The venture’s main partner is ExxonMobil, who will offer savings of at least 3 cents per gallon in cities like Boston, Washington, D.C., New York, and many other cities starting this summer. Cardholders will also receive 1.5% off purchases of gas when they shop at locations where MasterCard is accepted, as well as even more discounts at independent gas stations nationwide.

Drivers don’t have to apply for discounts of send in rebates; if they own a Partner Fuel Card, the discounts are automatically applied to their purchases, saving them time and money when on the road.

This program has generated buzz in the industry, with big players such as ExxonMobile Fuels getting on board. Uber is becoming a global, influential powerhouse in both the lawmaking side of things as well as the financial and transportation side as well. This partnership reflects their influence in the business world even more.

How it works:

  • The Fuel Card has a daily and weekly credit limit and allows for the payment on credit of gas and convenience goods at gas stations.
  • Each week the card balance is automatically deducted from a partner’s earnings.
  • Statements are easily accessible directly from the partner dashboard.
  • Partners save 1.5% on all fuel purchases made with the Fuel Card. Additionally, partners get extra savings at tens of thousands of sites across the country, resulting in savings as high as 15 cents a gallon or more.
  • Discounts vary by market, and our interactive map makes searching for savings easy.


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