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Lyft $500 Bonus For New Drivers

Earn a $500 Lyft Driver Sign-On Bonus: Join Today!

Chances are good that you’ve heard quite a bit about these new ridesharing ventures like Uber and Lyft. Lyft is a company that has been getting some special attention in recent months, as it has been offering some fairly sizable bonuses for new drivers and existing drivers who refer new people. And while the concept remains fairly new to most people, the prospect of earning extra money by chauffeuring people around – and the potential for earning huge signing bonuses – makes this an opportunity that is certainly worthy of further examination. So, are you interested in earning a $500 Lyft Driver Sign-On Bonus?

Before you answer that question, it might be useful to remind everyone about why companies like Lyft have drawn so much attention in recent times. The entire concept of ridesharing is one that emulates the best principles of freedom and sound economics. Unlike modern transportation methods such as taxis, buses, or subways, the rideshare concept is not dependent upon centralized control of the entire process, unionized workers, or expensive licensing processes that effectively lock new drivers out of the market. Instead, it’s a purer form of entrepreneurial opportunity that allows you to earn money on your time, be your own boss, and connect with passengers using the technological innovations made possible by the advent of smartphone apps.

With all of that going for it, why would Lyft offer you $500 to become a driver? It’s simple: this is still a new and growing market, and there are still opportunities to be had in many of the markets where Lyft currently operates. So, if you ever want to get in on what is essentially the ground floor of an emerging entrepreneurial phenomenon, the company is providing just the incentive to spark your interest now!

Of course, before you can earn the bonus, you have to become a driver. That process involves several steps, which we’ll outline here.

Drive for Lyft!

To become a Lyft driver, you need to apply on their application page. That requires that you provide information about yourself, and your vehicle. Keep in mind that there is a background check, so if you have drunk driving charges or instances of violence on your record you may not be eligible to work with them. Customer safety has to be a priority, so Lyft drivers have to meet those certain criteria.

The application consists of signing in through a link with a promotional code (find this below). You begin by having your phone number verified via text, and then typing in the year, make, and model of your vehicle. They’ll also ask about the number of doors it has – for obvious reasons.

   $500 New Lyft Driver Bonus

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Apply For Free

That’s followed by your name, social security identifier, address, birthday, and driver’s license number. This is all needed so that the company can do a routine background check to ensure that you meet all of their safety criteria – and so that they can verify that you are who you say you are.

Remember, you must be at least 21, possess an in-state license, and a clean background at both the county and national levels. Your car must be in good working order, and have current insurance. Finally, you need to own a working smartphone, since that is required for the Lyft app.

The Mentor

Before they spend the money to run a background check and complete the process, a mentor will meet with you in a nearby locale so that he or she can inspect your vehicle. Then, you’ll be required to give that mentor a ten minute drive around the area so that your driving skills and social interactions can be evaluated. Try not to be nervous – the chauffeuring bit is really a formality if you’re at all competent behind the wheel.

After that, your application will be processed, and you’ll be notified of any approval decision. Once you’re approved, you can begin to work on meeting the qualifications for obtaining that $500 sign-on bonus.

The Promotion

Now, as exciting as this promotional offer is, you do need to know some of the particulars to see whether you’re eligible. To begin with, it applies in certain areas only:

  • Austin, TX
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Chicago, IL
  • Portland, OR
  • Nashville, TN
  • Silicon Valley

Once you’re approved, you have to give rides to at least 50 people within 30 days of your approval. There are two exceptions to the number of rides, however. In Chicago, you only have to meet a 30-ride threshold, while in San Francisco you have to provide 100 rides. As you might expect, you do have to have different customers to qualify, so you can only count a maximum of two rides for any given passenger.

$500 Bonus For New Lyft Drivers Requirements

At first glance, the minimum requirements might seem to be a challenge. However, most people can meet them with just a few hours a day, provided that you’re diligent about getting on the app and making yourself available. Remember, all of the promotional locales are in areas with high transport needs, so there’ always opportunity there!

Finally, there is the matter of payment. The payment of earned promotional bonuses occurs between one and two weeks after the end of the promotional period, so you’ll have access to the bonus money soon after your 30-day period ends. That should provide extra incentive for anyone who’s still straddling the fence trying to decide whether the bonus is worth the effort!

The bottom line is clear. The Lyft model of ridesharing is one that is growing in popularity around the country, and that is expected to continue along that trend line for years to come. As part of that growth strategy, the company is providing sizable sign-on bonuses for you should you decide to join them and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a new career or simply make extra money for the holidays. Get started today so that you too can earn that $500 Lyft Driver Sign-On Bonus.

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