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Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users [Explained in Detail]

If you’ve already used your Lyft promo code and taken your first ride, you’re probably wondering if there are any Lyft promo codes that work for existing users. We get this question a lot, so let’s answer it once and for all.

Lyft Promo Codes For Existing Users

Let me start by saying that Lyft codes aren’t directly offered to existing users. If Lyft were to start giving out credit to the millions of riders already on the platform, they might go bankrupt.

However, it’s still possible to earn tons of free Lyft credit by taking advantage of these quick and easy methods:

  1. Claim new user promotion
  2. Invite a new user
  3. Try a Lyft competitor
  4. Ride with a new user
  5.  Bonus method

I’ve been using these methods for years and have earned tons in free Lyft ride credit. With a little patience and perseverance, you can too.


1. New User Promotion

The first way to get Lyft ride credit is to claim a new rider promotion. If you’ve already claimed this ride credit and taken your first ride, keep reading the points below. If you haven’t, download the Lyft app and enter the promo code “RIDERCOUPON“. Once the code is entered, new riders will see the credit balance reflected in the Payment tab in their app.

We’re assuming most people on this page have already claimed this promotion, but if you haven’t, check out our full Lyft promo code write-up for in-depth information and tutorials.

2. Invite New Users to Lyft

Once you take your first ride, you’re no longer able to access a majority of Lyft promo codes. However, it’s still possible to get a ton of free Lyft credit by recruiting new members.

All existing Lyft riders are assigned a unique referral code that’s specific to their account. When a new user signs up for the app and applies their promo code, the referred user will get a free ride credit.

Once the referred new user takes his or her first ride, the rider that referred them will also get credited a ride for getting another Lyft user to try the platform.

In the past, these codes have been worth anywhere from $5 to $50 per referral. As you can see, It’s easy to see how this could be an incredibly lucrative source of free Lyft credit.

Where can you find your referral code?

To find your unique referral code, open the Lyft app, open the sidebar, and tap “Invite Friends” from the main menu. Once there, your referral code will appear at the top of the screen.

Here is what Lyft’s website says about how to refer your friends:


“There are a couple of ways to get your code out there. You can invite your friends to Lyft directly through the app by choosing “Free Rides” from the left side menu. From there, you can invite friends from the contacts on your phone.

New passengers can also enter your unique referral code (also found in the “Free Rides” screen) into the “Promo” screen of their app when signing up.”

3. Try a Lyft Competitor

Next up on our list of ways for existing users to earn free ride credit is not by using Lyft at all. Instead, try a competitor.

For example, try Uber if you haven’t already. Uber rewards new users with tons of free credit. Uber is the largest of the three most popular ridesharing services, so drivers are always ready and available to pick you up. Uber is reliable, easy to use, and in far more cities than Lyft.

So, what are you waiting for? New users can use the promo code TRYNOW for $15 in free ride credit with Uber.

Try it out! You will not be disappointed.

Uber Download Instructions

1. Download the App. (Click here to download it)

2. Create an account and login.

3. Once logged in, tap the “My Account” button in the top left of your Uber app.

4. Tap “Promotions”

5. Enter promo code 4YOU.

6. Request a driver and enjoy your ride!

4. Hitch a ride with a friend using Lyft

If you’ve used all your free Uber credit, try hitching a ride with a ride. Find someone who hasn’t used Lyft yet and teaches them about the service. Then, have them use your promo code (see above) and request a ride.

In addition, you’ll earn a free ride for later because your friend used your promo code. Nice!

Think about the times when you have been out somewhere with a large group of friends. There is a good chance that at least one of them isn’t an existing Lyft user, so take advantage of this for as long as you can.

Trust me. This method works, and everyone wins.

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