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HUGE Sign-on Bonus: Lyft Driver Promo Code

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Lyft is giving away crazy bonuses as part of their current ongoing promotions to recruit new drivers. If you’re looking to make extra money working your own hours, then sign up to drive using a new driver promo code to receive a cash bonus up to $5,000.

Lyft Driver Promotions For May 2018

The Lyft new driver sign up bonus can range from $10 to $5,000, depending on the city you drive in.

Here are 3 points to remember regarding driver referral codes:

  1. It must be entered during the first step of the application process
  2. The driver must be approved 30 days from starting the application to unlock the bonus
  3. You must give a predetermined number of rides within 30 days from being approved to unlock the bonus

If you have questions about the application process, email us or get in touch with Lyft directly.

 Sign-on bonus for new Lyft drivers

Use Lyft driver promo code: FREECAMPUS

Get a cash bonus worth up to $5,000

Apply For Free – 

When entering a new driver referral code, there are a few important terms to note:

  1. The referral code must be entered during the first step of the application process
  2. If you don’t enter a code, you will not be eligible to claim the sign-on bonus
  3. New drivers will need to fulfill some basic requirements. These include:
    • Giving a certain amount of rides (varies by city)
    • Giving those rides within a certain timeframe (varies by city)

If you have questions at any point during the application process, feel free to email us or get in touch with Lyft directly.

How To Apply – Lyft Driver Application

The Lyft driver application process is very easy. All information gets auto-saved as you go along the steps. So if you need a break, you can take one without worrying about starting the application all over again. Visit the link below, or simply click the image to go to the application page.

Step 1 – Fill out the official Lyft driver application

Lyft Driver Promo Code Screenshot

Visit the Lyft driver application page and enter your basic information such as your name, email,  and phone number. Make sure to include a Lyft driver promo code at this step or you won’t receive the sign-on bonus. (When you click our link the code should populate automatically).

Step 2 – Verify Phone Number

Lyft will send you an SMS text message with a 4 digit code for verification.

Step 3 – Provide Vehicle Information

Vehicle information includes the year, make, model, number of doors, seat type and color of the vehicle that will be used to give rides.

If you don’t have a car, Lyft lets you rent one from their Express Drive program.

Step 4 – Provide Driver Information

Fill out your profile with personal information such as full name, social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number, state, expiration date, and mailing address.

Step 5 – Authorize background and DMV Check

Give your consent to a background and DMV check. Lyft will review your criminal and motor record. This process takes about a week to clear: if you don’t hear back right away, don’t worry. Lyft will notify you about the outcome of the check.

Step 6 – Get your vehicle inspected

Schedule a date and time for a 19 point inspection by a certified mechanic to ensure that you meet all the vehicle requirements. Out of the available options, choose a location most convenient for you.

Step 7- Get approved and drive

After you get your vehicle inspected, you just have to clear your background check. If approved, Lyft will send you an email to let you know you can hit the road and start giving rides.

Check out our free Lyft Driver Training Course to learn tips and tricks you can use to maximize your income as a Lyft driver.

How Much Is The Bonus?

The referral bonus amount for new Lyft drivers fluctuates based on which city you sign up in. It ranges from a measly $10 to a whopping $5,000 in certain cities.

The chart below is a breakdown of what types of bonuses you can expect. We pulled this chart on September 6, 2016, and it may change at any time, by city, depending on demand.

Disclaimer: We try to keep up, but the Lyft new driver bonus amounts change almost daily, so refer to the official Lyft website or reach out to Lyft Support for the exact bonus amount for your city.

Lyft Driver Referral Code 2016 Bonus Amounts

The Lyft sign-up bonuses are double-sided, which means that the referee AND the referrer both get paid. If you refer a friend to drive, and that friend fulfills the criteria outlined at signup, both drivers will receive a bonus.

*Bonus Updates: May 2017*

lyft drivers for $1000 lyft driver bonus featured image


What are Lyft’s requirements?

The requirements for new Lyft drivers vary by city, but most have a set of standard requirements that all drivers must meet.

Here are the basic standard requirements, taken straight from the Lyft website:

“You must be at least 21 and own an iPhone or Android phone. As part of our approval process, you’ll undergo a DMV check, plus a national and county background check. This will require a Social Security number, in addition to an in-state driver’s license that is at least a year old. Learn more about our background check standards on our Safety page, and our comprehensive driver requirements in the Help Center.

Your car needs to have four external door handles and at least five total seat belts. You must be a covered party on your car’s in-state insurance, and have in-state license plates. We’ll confirm all of this during your 19-point vehicle inspection. Cars have Lyft age requirements too, which can vary by state. See your state-specific requirements.”

Lyft will email you a full list of requirements applicable to your coverage area once you apply.

While you’re at it, check out Uber too!

Driving for Lyft is awesome, and you can make steady income since there is a constant demand for rides. But, during slow days you will find that it takes longer for ride requests to come in. Make the most out of your time by signing up to drive for both Lyft AND Uber. When ridesharing first came to my city, I signed up for both. I can’t recall a single weekend that I haven’t been swamped with ride requests and walked away with at least a couple hundred dollars in my pocket.

Sign Up to Drive For Lyft with lyft driver promo code freecampus

Visit the link in the steps below, or simply click the image to go to the application page.


While you’re at it, check out Uber too!

Driving for Lyft is awesome, and the demand is really steady most of the time. However, sometimes it gets a little slow and you feel like you are wasting time. Make the most out of your time spend driving by signing up to drive for both Lyft AND Uber. When ridesharing first came to my city, I signed up for both and am incredibly glad I did. Many drivers get frustrated when times get slow, but not me! I can’t recall a single weekend that I haven’t been swamped with ride requests and walked away with at least a couple hundred dollars in my pocket.

uber driver review

Click the picture to learn more about driving for Uber

Uber bonuses range anywhere from $100 to $500, depending on which city you are applying to.

See our post about how to sign up to drive for Uber to learn more.


Thoughts from a Lyft driver

Lyft Driver Review (and some random advice)

Below you will find an unbiased review from me, an actual Lyft driver.



Lyft fare includes the base fare, cost per mile, cost per minute plus Prime Time (if applicable). Other fees that may be added include cancellation fees, service fees, pickup/dropoff Airport fees, venue fees, tolls, and taxes. The driver gets 80% of the fare after fees, and Lyft takes a 20% commission.

Many passengers tip drivers, which usually adds another $20 or $30 of extra income per week.

Weekly Guarantees

Lyft lets drivers in some cities make a guaranteed amount per week, granted they meet a few requirements, like maintaining a 90% weekly acceptance rate, completing a required number of rides, and completing a certain number of hours in driver mode.

At the end of a pay period, Lyft will look at your eligible ride payments which includes time and distance fares (after Lyft takes its commission) and Prime Time. If the total does not meet the guaranteed minimum, Lyft covers the difference.

Prime Time

Prime Time kicks in during times of heavy demand and it lets drivers earn an extra on top of the usual base fare. Prime Time earnings can increase the ride fare anywhere from 25% to 200%.

prime time 255x450 1

This is what Prime Time looks like to a driver in Driver Mode

Prime Time usually activates during major holidays, or later in the night, during busy hours like when the bars close. As of March 2016, Lyft has removed the cap on Prime Time, allowing new drivers to earn more than ever before.

Power Driver Bonuses

Power Driver Bonuses are based on the number of hours that a driver has driven in a week, and are added to the pay statement at the end of the week. Since Lyft takes a 20% cut of a driver’s ride fares, the Power Driver Bonuses can help offset this loss.

How it works is simple. If a driver maintains a 90% acceptance rate and meets the predetermined ride requirements shown in the driver dashboard, the driver is eligible for the bonus.


lyft tip

Drivers get to keep 100% of the tips. From what I have found, landing tips is easy. Just be kind and courteous. Know the route and drive safely and confidently. Engage with the passengers if they seem open to a conversation. But DON’T infer that you want a tip. If you do, you likely won’t get one. It might also affect your rating. I usually tip fellow drivers $5-$10, just because I know it will make their night. But if the driver outrightly suggests I give them one, I tip nothing. I don’t like tipping out of obligation, and most other passengers take the same stance.


The biggest benefit of driving for Lyft is convenience. I can literally go into driver mode whenever I want, and drive how many hours as I can. As long as you give one ride every 30 days, your account will stay active.

I only drive when my friends aren’t doing anything on the weekends, or if I need some extra money due to an unforeseen expense. Sometimes on Fridays I get off work at 5pm, hop into driver mode for a few hours, and then go out with my friends afterwards. I usually make about $50-60, which gives me some spending money for the bars.  The best part is I have complete control over how much I work.


Demand for rides vary from city to city, but its the highest during nights. The more I drive, the more patterns I begin to notice about how the city moves. On Fridays, 5-6pm is when everybody needs a ride home from work. At 7 pm there is the first rush of people getting to the bars and going out on the town, and then the demand simmers down from 8-9 pm but picks up for the second time at around 10 pm when some people start going home. Demand is fairly consistent throughout the night until bar closings, when there is a sudden rush in demand. Prime Time kicks in which increases the earnings.

The night before big holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is another great time to drive.

Note that zones like San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Phoenix will have more demand due to higher population density.

Pro Tip: Check out SherpaShare to make the most out of your time driving. I use SherpaShare to increase my earnings and help me find out if a spot is hot or not. It also allows me to track mileage, fuel usage, and driving expenses so that when I fill out my taxes based on my Lyft earnings I pretty much know exactly what I spent and how much I made.

Check it out, it is free and totally worth having!

Pro Tip: Check out SherpaShare to make the most out of your time driving.

I use SherpaShare to increase my earnings and help me find out what spots are hot and which are not. SherpaShare also allows me to track mile mileage, fuel usage, and driving expenses so that when I go to fill out my taxes based on my Lyft earnings I pretty much know exactly what I spent and how much I made.

Check it out, it is free and totally worth having!


I have only had a few problems in my entire time Lyft driving, and customer support has been amazing. Lyft has a team of very helpful representatives who usually respond to open tickets within a day.

Lyft Driver FAQ

Question 1: I signed up to drive for Lyft without using a promo code. What should I do?

View Answer

Unfortunately, there is no way for Lyft to grant existing drivers retroactive credit after they sign up.

Question 2: Can Lyft drivers drive in other cities?

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Lyft drivers can only have one driving region listed on their profiles, but they can drive in other cities within their state. Because Lyft requires insurance and vehicle documents to match the state in which you drive, you cannot cross state lines and drive.

Question 3: Can Lyft drivers see how much passengers tip?

View Answer

Lyft drivers cannot see how much a passenger tips until the next day when the Daily Driver Statement gets emailed to them. Lyft does this to protect passengers from getting rated poorly if they don’t tip.

Question 4: Can Lyft drivers pick up passengers at the airport?

View Answer

Lyft has partnered with many airports to help the passengers move to and from terminals. Click here to see which airports in your city allow Lyft pickups and drop-offs.

Question 5: Can Lyft drivers accept cash?

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Lyft drivers can accept cash as tips.

Question 6: Are Lyft drivers safe?

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Lyft drivers are typically safe. In addition to being backed by a $1,000,000 insurance policy, Lyft covers their drivers with liability insurance, contingent and collision insurance, as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance. Read more about Lyft safety on their official site.

Question 7: How do Lyft drivers make money? 

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Lyft drivers make money through ride fares and select referral bonuses. Lyft takes 20% of each Lyft ride fare, and the Lyft driver keeps the rest for themselves. In addition, drivers are incentivized to invite their friends to ride and drive with Lyft.

Question 8: Do Lyft drivers make good money?

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It also depends on where you are driving, and what the demand is like. Sometimes it is slow and you barely make anything, but other times you can make hundreds in a night. For every slow night you drive, there will be five insanely busy nights when you make a killing.

Question 9: Lyft used to ship phone mounts to every driver. What type of mount was this?

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Lyft used to ship Kenu Airframe mounts with a new driver welcome package when drivers were approved. While they don’t do this anymore, but you can still get the case on Amazon.

Question 10: Do rideshare drivers make more money driving for Uber or Lyft?

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The answer to this question depends greatly on who you talk to and where you drive. Check out our comparison of Uber and Lyft driver earnings for a thorough answer.
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