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How to Drive for Lyft Lux and Lyft Driver Requirements

Looking to step your rideshare game up?

Forget regular Lyft.. drivers seeking more money, higher quality rides, and more income per trip are turning to Lyft’s high-end rideshare service, Lyft Lux.

Drivers wishing to find out what requirements Lyft has for its Lyft Lux drivers are in luck!

Lyft Lux is a high-end service offered to passengers willing to pay more to show up in style. This puts drivers in a position where they can earn more. Read about the Lyft driver requirements for Lyft Lux below!

Lyft Driver Requirements | Qualifying for Luxury

Before signing up, there’s a few requirements and other things potential Lux drivers should know about.

1. General Requirements

General Requirements | Lyft Driver Requirements | How To Drive For Lyft Lux
The first step drivers need to take for Lyft Lux is to finish all of Lyft’s general requirements. Of course drivers must finish compiling and filing all the necessary requirements to become a Lyft driver before they can qualify for luxury!

For Lyft Lux, drivers should particularly focus on the following: their device, their DMV and background checks, and, most importantly, their car. Keep in mind that not all cars qualify as a Lyft Lux vehicle.

2. Lyft Lux-Compatible Cars

Lyft has provided a list of cars that drivers can use for the Lyft Lux service. They have restrictions that ensure the highest quality of cars for this service. The car is definitely one of the more important Lyft driver requirements for Lyft Lux hopefuls. Further, all cars registered to this service must be a 2011 or later model.

Specifically, Lyft Lux’s accepted cars are:

  • Audis
  • Bentleys
  • Rolls-Royces
  • Jaguars
  • Maseratis.

Furthermore, depending on the seating capacity, drivers may have cars that qualify for both Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV.

3. Lyft Lux-Enabled Cities

As of the time of writing, Lyft Lux is limited to just a few cities around the US. This is because many Lux drivers are concentrated in high-income areas. Therefore, there will be people in those areas willing to pay the premium price tag of Lyft rides.

The cities where Lyft Lux is available are: Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and a few more. This means that drivers must make sure that they are in an area where Lyft Lux is enabled, otherwise they may not be able to drive at all.

4. Maintaining a 4.7 Average Rating

Perhaps one of the lesser-known Lyft driver requirements for Lyft Lux is the rating.

Lyft states that drivers must maintain a 4.7 or higher rating average to continue driving for Lyft Lux. As Lyft Lux is a premium service, people expect even better service then a regular Lyft ride.

As such, Lyft Lux drivers must always be professional. At this point, a driver is really more of a chauffeur for these high-end clients.

5. Excellent Customer Service

One of the things drivers for Lyft Lux must remember is how different they are from regular Lyft drivers. It makes sense that only high-rated drivers are allowed to drive for this service.

Lyft Lux is a premium service that people pay more for. With that comes the expectation of quality service. It’s no longer a simple matter of getting passengers from point A to B. Instead, it is, without doubt, a fully fledged premium service.

Drivers will definitely need to be flexible if they wish to drive for Lyft Lux.

Nick Cordova lays down the difference between high-class rideshare services in this video!

My Thoughts on Lux

Lyft Lux is definitely one of the many ways Lyft drivers can earn extra income.

Of course, it’s no easy task to be a premium driver. There are many requirements drivers will need to meet, and they may have to invest in a high-class car to even get in.

Furthermore, these drivers should know that serving Lyft Lux customers is entirely different from regular Lyft users. Those who wish to try Lyft Lux out should pay attention to the details if they want to get ahead.

Do you have any Lyft Lux tips or any Lyft driver requirements we missed? Tell us in the comments.

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