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Lyft Driver Requirements: What You Need To Do Before Applying

The process of becoming a Lyft driver is very straightforward.

As long as the requirements and qualifications are met, there’s a pretty good chance the application will be approved.

While the Lyft’s website provides instructions and guidelines, this article will help increase one’s chances of getting approved as a Lyft driver.

Lyft Driver Requirements You Need to Comply With

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Lyft Driver Application Process

Step 1: Online Application and Driver Profile

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In this step, the Lyft driver applicant will have to submit all the necessary information including, but not limited to personal information, car details, insurance information, and others.

The applicant must create an account using the Lyft app or via Lyft’s website.

Step 2: Background and Driving Record Check

Lyft will conduct both personal and driving record checks when the Lyft driver applicant finishes the “Mentor Session.” This step may take several weeks and once done, Lyft will notify the applicant if he’s hired or not.

Step 3: Vehicle Inspection

For Lyft driver applicants who will be using their own vehicles, they will also need to pass the vehicle inspection. The cars will undergo both mechanical and cosmetic inspection.

Lyft Driver Requirements

1. Age Requirement

Lyft driver applicants must be aged 21 and above. The applicant should also possess an active U.S. driver’s license. The license should be valid for at least a year before applying as a Lyft driver.

2. DMV Checking

Applicants should also pass the driving record checking. All Lyft driver applicants must have a good driving record before they are approved. Lyft is very thorough about this and anyone who does not meet their criteria is automatically declined.

3. Background Check

Lyft drivers are also subjected to a personal background check in order to qualify. Lyft conducts criminal background checks and reviews the information thoroughly.

As with DMV checking, Lyft automatically disqualifies any applicant who doesn’t meet their standards.

4. State and Local Requirements

In certain states and cities, additional requirements must be met before getting approved as a Lyft driver. Normally, these details are included in an email during and after the application process.

5. Driver’s License, Insurance, and License Plates

Applicants must have a current and valid driver’s license. The license plate should also be valid and currently registered. Lyft also requires their drivers to have a valid insurance policy. The insurance should be under the driver’s name to qualify.

6. Vehicle Requirements

While one can apply as a driver without owning a vehicle, they still cannot earn through Lyft without using a Lyft-approved vehicle.

Lyft’s vehicle requirements are very straightforward as well. All information is available on Lyft’s website.

7. Current Device

Approved Lyft drivers must use the Lyft driver app. The phone or device must meet the minimum specifications needed to run the driver app, which includes having a cellular connection. Unfortunately, WiFi-only devices are not supported by the Lyft driver app.

Watch this video by Sincerely ToyaT as she shares some tips for new Lyft drivers:

If planning to apply as a Lyft driver, these guidelines and requirements must be checked first.

Lyft is very strict with the applicants they review even though their requirements are pretty straightforward.

It’s important to review all the information listed above to get a good chance of getting approved.

Are you planning to apply as a Lyft driver? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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