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Introducing The Lyft Glowstache

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The Lyft Glowstache

Popular ride sharing company Lyft has decided to refresh their brand by replacing their iconic large, furry, pink mustaches with a fresh distinctive mark – the “Glowstache” also called “Stache 2.0″.

Until recently you were able to recognize Lyft cars by giant pink mustaches or small square emblems that were attached on the front grill of their cars. These furry mustaches were a fun way to recognize the brand at first, but with Lyft tapping Virgin America’s Jesse McMillin as chief brand officer, that kind of marking has been left behind. The ridesharing company has adopted more professional and more mature approaches using a smaller plastic mustache, well designed to provide a pleasant glowing appearance while you are taking a ride at night.

The Glowstache should be placed on the car dashboard of Lyft community drivers so customers will be able to see and recognize it. Those fluorescent pink mustaches are about the size of a banana. They come in two pieces, the mustache and the base. A driver can place the magnetic base to the dashboard and the ‘stache are usually removed from the base if Lyft driver is not “on duty”.

The company believes that this new way of marking the cars will be more appropriate. Those used in the past somehow were sending the wrong idea about the company since they often were windblown, crooked or muddy. With this new fancy device inside the car you don’t have to worry about the appearance if you chose to use Lyft as transportation when you go to the professional conferences or business meetings.Yet, the Glowstache keeps the inceptive playful looks, which Lyft has used to set itself apart from its largest competitors.

This three-year-old startup is constantly trying to make best moves in the industry dominated by rapidly growing Uber. The “Glowstache” is their newest weapon in this battle. According to the company’s managers using these new Glowstache marks is very important moment for Lyft and its future growth. Next time you request a Lyft, look out for the glowing ‘stache!



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