Lyft Introduces Lyft Plus

Last month, Lyft introduced a new feature called Lyft Plus that they had been testing in the San Fransico area! Now, passengers all over the country are using Lyft daily, transporting them and their friends safely across town.  Lyft Plus is different than the normal rides because of the increased capacity that the larger vehicles hold.  Rather than being able to only transport four riders like standard Lyft drivers, Lyft Plus drivers are able to transport up to six riders.

Lyft Plus is now available to Lyft passengers across the country, and can be found conveniently within the app when you request a ride. However, with the extra capacity comes extra cost.  Lyft Plus costs 1.5X the price of original Lyft.

With fall activities in full swing, we are sure you will be happy to utilize the extra space.  With a bigger ride only a tap away, we ask the question, “why not?”

Want to become a driver?

Driving is a fun and easy way to meet interesting people, grow the community, and make extra money
Bonus:  After 20 rides, Lyft will automatically deposit up to $500 into your accoun just for signing up! Not bad for just using the driver platform!

As a Lyft driver, you can:

  • Make up to $75,000 / year (or $800 / weekend)
  • Meet new, interesting people
  • Choose your own hours
  • Have fun doing something you love!


Brett HellingProfile Photo Brett Helling
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