How to Claim Your Lyft Sign Up Bonus

Driving for Lyft is an exciting opportunity to earn extra cash. You get to set your own schedule, earn tips, and meet interesting new people. What’s more, you get to do all this from the comfort of your own car, without any bosses or desks to worry about.

But did you know that there’s a way to make driving for Lyft even more profitable? It’s true. In order to encourage new drivers to spend more time driving (and to sign up to begin with), Lyft offers special sign up bonuses. In this guide, we’re going to show you how these bonuses work and how you can claim them. Read on to find out how you can earn some serious cash.

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What Is the Lyft Sign Up Bonus?

The Lyft sign up bonus is a way for Lyft to attract drivers to their platform. When you give a certain number of rides within your first few weeks of driving for Lyft, Lyft will reward you with an extra cash payout. You don’t have to do anything special to get this bonus except sign up through our referral link and give the minimum required number of rides.

The key benefit of the sign up bonus to Lyft is that it increases the number of drivers available at any given time. Since the bonus requires you to give a minimum number of rides within a set period of time, it ensures a greater supply of drivers. This leads to happier customers, as it prevents price surges and lowers wait times for riders.

Why You Should Claim the Lyft Sign Up Bonus

Claiming the Lyft sign up bonus is really a no-brainer. You’re going to sign up for Lyft anyway, so you might as well take a few extra seconds to sign up using our referral link. And once you’re driving, giving the minimum number of rides usually isn’t all that hard. You’ll have to do the math for yourself to decide, but since you signed up for Lyft to give rides anyway, why not go the extra mile to give a few more?

Sure, some cities have pretty challenging bonus requirements. Richmond, for instance, requires you to give 400 rides in your first 30 days of driving in order to get the bonus. That works out to roughly 14 rides per day on average, which can sound like a lot. Certainly, drivers who plan to use Lyft as their main source of income will have an easier time meeting the bonus requirements than those who driver part-time. It still is possible to get the bonus as a part-time driver — you’ll just have to work a bit harder and carefully plan when you drive in order to maximize your number of rides.

How Much Money Is the Lyft Sign Up Bonus?

The amount of the Lyft driver sign up bonus can vary dramatically based on your city. For some cities, it’s as little as $100 (such as Salt Lake City). Others, however, have massive sign up bonuses as high as $1,000 (looking at you, Washington, D.C. and Richmond).

And, of course, not all cities offer sign up bonuses. In general, Lyft will only offer a sign up bonus if they need more drivers. And the amount of that bonus will vary based on how badly the drivers are needed, as well as what Lyft thinks it makes sense to pay.

Below, you can see the relevant bonus amounts for a variety of cities where Lyft operates, as well as the number of days you have to claim it and the required number of rides you have to give in order to get it:

Salt Lake City (SLC)30d$100 $100 100
Las Vegas (LAS)30d$250 $250 125
Orange County (OCX)30d$350 $350 200
Milwaukee (MKE)30d$175 $175 100
Phoenix (PHX)30d$350 $350 150
Austin (AUS)30d$400 $400 125
Honolulu (HNL)30d$350 $350 150
Houston (IAH)30d$350 $350 150
San Bernardino (SBD)30d$350 $350 150
Portland (PDX)30d$275 $275 175
Blackwell (BKN)30d$350 $350 250
Minneapolis (MSP)30d$400 $400 200
Atlanta (ATL)30d$500 $500 175
Nashville (BNA)30d$500 $500 150
Charlotte (CLT)30d$500 $500 175
Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)30d$500 $500 175
Detroit (DTW)30d$500 $500 175
San Antonio (SAT)30d$500 $500 175
Indianapolis (IND)30d$500 $500 175
New Orleans (MSY)30d$500 $500 175
New York City (NYC)30d$450 $450 150
San Diego (SAN)30d$450 $450 150
Boston (BOS)30d$400 $400 125
Chicago (CHI)30d$350 $350 125
Columbus (CMH)30d$350 $350 125
Philadelphia (PHI)30d$550 $550 175
Seattle (SEA)30d$550 $550 200
San Jose (SJC)30d$550 $550 200
Sacramento (SMF)30d$550 $550 200
Cleveland (CLE)30d$350 $350 125
Denver (DEN)60d$800 $800 400
Baltimore (BWI)30d$1,000 $1,000 400
Pittsburgh (PIT)30d$800 $800 350
Washington; D.C. (DCA)30d$1,000 $1,000 400
Richmond (RIC)30d$1,000 $1,000 400
Los Angeles (LAX)60d$900 $900 400
San Francisco (SFO)60d$750 $750 525

How to Claim Your Lyft Sign Up Bonus

Claiming your Lyft sign up bonus is easy.

First, click our referral link. Then, you should see a page like the one below:

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Assuming that the link worked, you should see our Lyft driver promo code “RIDESHAREAPPS” in the URL at the top of the sign up page. You should also see the relevant bonus amount for your city at the bottom of the page.

From there, all you have to do is enter your phone number into the box and proceed with your Lyft application.

And how do you apply for Lyft? Check out our complete guide to get a walkthrough of the entire process. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult, especially compared to most other types of job applications.

Note that the sign up bonuses tend to be available for a limited time. Lyft could decide to change the amounts or even get rid of the program at any time, so make sure to apply today in order to get your bonus.

Lyft Sign Up Bonus FAQ

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To conclude this guide to the Lyft sign up bonus, here are answers to some common questions about Lyft promo codes and Lyft driver bonuses:

1. When will I receive my bonus?

According to the Lyft website, “Bonuses for qualifying applicants are paid 1-2 weeks after promotion ends.” This means that you’ll generally receive your bonus a month and a half after you signed up to drive (as most bonuses give you 30 days to meet the ride requirements).

2. Can existing Lyft drivers get new Lyft driver bonuses?

No, they cannot. You cannot claim the bonus retroactively. The bonus is available only to new Lyft drivers who sign up using a referral link or promo code. To learn about bonuses available to those who are not new drivers, check out our guide to Lyft promotions.

3. Does Uber offer driver sign up bonuses?

Yes, they do. You can learn more about them in our guide to the Uber sign up bonus for drivers.

4. What types of rides count toward the sign up bonus?

From your first ride to your 401st, all rides you give for Lyft during the required time frame for your city count. That being said, you must complete the ride for it to count toward the bonus requirements. Rides that a passenger initiated but then canceled do not count towards getting your referral bonus.

5. What else can I do to maximize my Lyft earnings?

The best ways to increase your Lyft earnings are to drive in places with high demand during times of high demand, provide excellent customer service to your riders, and drive a fuel-efficient car (as fuel costs can eat into your profits). To get more tips, check out our guide to making more money with Lyft.

Get the Lyft Sign Up Bonus You Deserve

We hope this guide has helped you understand the ins and outs of the Lyft driver sign up bonus. As you can see, the bonus is an easy way to earn even more driving for Lyft. To start boosting your earnings today, sign up to drive for Lyft here.


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