New Innovative Rideshare App Created By NSU Grads

FARGO – During the holiday the students thousands in number will make long drives home where they are meant to spend time with their loved ones. Two students from NDSU Jordan Nelson and Matt Sullivan made an app that is meant to appear easier and trendier for the population it is meant for. Sullivan is so very much aware of long commuting and despite the fact that people are able to use other apps like Facebook to hike rides.

How does Jumpr Work?

The app will allow the user to create a trip after which he is able to sell off the seats of the vehicle at a fee with payment being made via the app which guarantees everything. This service works similarly to the airBnB with a self policing element that ensures that everyone is kept honest with the self policing. This element will help keep people on their best behavior and also from backing out.

Many may wonder why the service may differ from Craig List or FaceBook. However, this app is notably different due to the inbuilt payment system, the rating system as well as the future objective of fostering ridesharing in a community. The app would also bring riders with similar interests together since its not about where the rider is going only but also about the activities he is going to carry out there. This would come in handy for persons looking for a gang to hang out with since they would get to make money and at the same time make friends.

The journey of the Jumpr app

When Sullivan decided his idea needed a new logo he approached nelson but apparently to their amazement the two were working on concepts that were similar and that is when the decision was made to merge it to one idea. The two got lot of aid from the Startup Community since Miguel of Startup offered Sullivan accommodation for free which let him dedicate all the money he had to the development of the app. They acknowledge Miguel much more for the motivation he offered them on a continued effort, Greg was there to help them in the beginning despite the fact that he is the Executive Director of Emerging Praire he had time for the two.

These two university students are also on another project at start up Botlink where a lot of guidance has been accorded by COO Shawn Muehler who the two claim ‘has been there, seen that, done that’ and can offer very insightful and valuable lessons. The next step the two wish to take from here can be anyone’s guess but the duo has talent and is motivated to venture ahead. The plan is to have the Jumpr app launched in December probably in their first week if all goes well. The time for December seems to be their choice since they are hoping to target students who would be leaving for the holidays with numerous of them searching for rides to get home.


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