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Best Postmates Promo Code, Credit & Coupon Guide

If you don’t feel like cooking but still don’t want to go out for a dinner, or you simply don’t have time for a lunch in between meetings, you can use Postmates delivery services.

You can hire Postmates couriers to bring you not just food, but even some other things that you wouldn’t have gotten for yourself. The best part? New users can get a free delivery credit applied to their account just by using a Postmates promo code at signup.

The best thing about Postmates is that you can get any product delivered to your address in less than one hour. All you have to do is to download the application on your smartphone or tablet and place an order. Postmates offers users a modern, on-demand delivery platform that will link customers with the best available couriers.

Postmates is the creative idea of three co-founders: Sam Street, Bastian Lehmann and Sean Plaice and the company is established in San Francisco in 2011. The team is working hard to become the best on-demand delivery service available in every major city around the globe, offering competition to other delivery services such as Amazon, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.


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$10 in free delivery credit for first-time users

The best thing about our list of Postmates promo codes is that, unlike many other sites, our list stays up to date, meaning that the best Postmates promotions will always be available to new Postmates customers, and 100% working. In the rare case that one code doesn’t work, simply try again. It’s easy!

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How does Postmates work?

Using this amazing application will help you to get almost everything you need without leaving your home or office.  Postmates is ready to deliver anything you want in just an hour, and you can make your orders using Android or iOS app, or simply using their website You can use Postmates services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the whole year.

If you want to use Postmates online you should first sign up on their website. You can do it simply by entering your email address and password. Once you have created your account you have to enter your delivery address. The next step is to browse offered merchants or to look for a place you want. Using Postmates website you will be able to choose from the list of all the nearby restaurants, stores, bakeries, grocers and coffee shops.

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You can simply select the store or restaurant you want to have delivered and choose the product from their suggestions. Some stores will not offer you the list of their products. In this case, you can make an order by creating a custom list of product. The Postmates site offers you the field where you can add your list with a text note. Even though this service is mainly focused on food, you can order any other item from a general store like school or office supply, items for your home, gifts for your loved ones or even a pair of shoes.

Postmates app

The Postmates mobile app is also very simple to use. If you have an Android smartphone or other mobile devices that work on this platform, you can download this app from Google Play Store. For those who are using iOS mobile devices, the application is available on iTunes. After you have downloaded and installed this app you can place an order for food delivery or other items in two ways.

The first way is to select pick a place listed in the Featured Stores section displayed on the home screen. You can also look for a specific restaurant, bakery or store by tapping on the search icon. You can find the search option at the top of the screen. Same as on Postmates website, you can select the items from the list by checking off wanted items. If the store doesn’t have a menu, simply create a list in the “Add a custom order” box.

After placing your order, Postmates will assign you the best courier. You will receive the information about your Postmate (courier) including her/his photo. Here you can find out how many deliveries your Postmate has made and his/her current rating. Postmates are hired by company’s Operations team after a detailed background check, so you can be sure that you will get the best service.

Your goods will be delivered by bikes, scooters, cars or trucks, depending on which vehicle your Postmate uses. Keep in mind that you cannot pick a courier by yourself. Postmates’ dispatch algorithm takes into an account several factors like vehicle type and rating, to find the Postmate that is well suited for your job.


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How Much Does Postmates Cost?

Your delivery will be finished within an hour and when you get the items, the total fee (including delivery charge) will be charged to your credit card. All the payments will be finished through the Postmates service including tips for your courier. You will also get email receipt which includes an image of the real receipt that Posmate got in the store.

When it comes to your costs, you have to pay for your goods and a fee. The lowest delivery fee is $5 and it depends on the distance from pick-up to drop-off. There is also 9% fee on the purchase price of your order. based on the total cost. You can also add 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% tip for your Postmate.

PostMates app Features

Postmates offers you very useful app features such as:

  1. A list of thousands of local restaurants, coffee shops, stores etc. with simple product lists you can choose your items from.
  2. A simple way of paying for delivered items via Postmates app using a credit card
  3. Smart Tracking which will allow you to follow your Postmate real-time movement on the city map
  4. Ability to contact your Postmate via the app in case you have additional demands like changing your order or drop off place or to ask any questions.
  5. The app will show you estimated preparation time once you order has been accepted
  6. You can leave a tip to your Postmate using this app. You have the opportunity to select the tip that can be 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% of the order. That will be included to your total cost on the check-out screen.
  7. Postmates has provided 24hr customer support for all your questions and complaints.

Where is Postmates available?

Postmates screenshot on Postmates promo code post

Postmates tends to be a delivery service available in all major cities in the world but at this point, it is available in most bigger cities in the US. You can use it in the San Francisco Bay Area which includes San Francisco, South, and East Bay. It is also available in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston,  Seattle, and Philadelphia.

This service is also ready for customers in Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, Atlanta, and, Denver. Postmates delivery service also covers Orange County and is also available in Portland, Phoenix, Houston, Austin, Dallas as well as San Antonio. Check for Postmates services also in Minneapolis, Nashville, Charlotte and Virginia Beach. And be sure to check the app to see when Postmates is coming to your city, as the company is always expanding its reach.

Get Your Favorite Foods Delivered with Postmates

For people that are addicted to food from popular restaurants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell or Chipotle Mexican Grill, Postmates seems like a perfect solution since those restaurants don’t offer delivery service. These restaurants can be found on Postmates’ lists for almost every available city.

For every city Postmates also offers a list of local restaurants that are available for you. For instance, if you live in San Francisco you can order goods from Lucky Penny, Hawker Fare, WE2SUSHI, Le Regency, Taqueria Vallarta etc.

Some of the restaurants and bakeries available in New York City are Big Daddy’s, White Castle, Levain Bakery, The Smith, Alidoro, Schmackary’s, Murray’s Cheese Shop and many others.

If you are living or working in Los Angeles you can have a lunch ordered from In N Out Burger, Noah’s NY Bagels, BCD Tofu House, Fred 62, The Wee Chippy, Sugarfish and more. Simply check on the Postmates site or App.

Boston customers can make a Postmates order from places like Life Alive, The Paramount, Pauli’s, The Fill-A-Buster, Uno Due Go, Boloco etc. In Las Vegas among available restaurants and shops, you may find Glutton, Fatburger, Mac Shack, Mr. Mama’s, Taj Palace, Bronze cafe, Le Thai, and others.

Chicago also offers many places that you can order goods and get them delivered by Postmates. Some of them are Chicago Raw, Eataly, Da Lobsta, Chicago Curry House, Beatrix, Arturo’s Tacos, Pierrot Gourmet, Kanela Breakfast Club etc. For these and all the other cities, you can check all the available restaurants on or on your app.

Why Become a Postmates Driver?

Postmates driver link

There are several reasons why you should become Postmates customer:

  1. You will be able to order food from a restaurant and get it delivered to your address even if that restaurant does not support delivery. You can also order any other item for any other store and receive it at your door.
  2. You don’t have to worry if you have enough cash to pay your order and to tip your courier. All can be done via Postmates app.
  3. Your PostMate will be available for you 24/7 and you can reach it in just a few steps using your mobile device, no matter where you are.
  4. You can receive your goods at any place you want – your home, office, hospital room or even in the park. As long as you provide a detailed drop off location description goods, will get to you.
  5. You can send items to a different city – This kind of delivery can be ordered on Postmates Web. Just make sure that you have entered the proper address of where you’d want the goods to be delivered.
  6. You will get your goods in less than one hour but in case that the delivery is late and it is Postmates fault, they may refund the delivery cost.
  7. You can be sure that your Postmates are high-quality couriers – the company will conduct a background check, in-person interview as well as necessary tests before the PostMate is sent to the street.

Become a Postmates Driver

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If you like the idea of riding your bike, scooter or drive a car and earn some money you can become a Postmates. The first step is to submit a Postmate application on Once you have created an online application, you’ll get an email from Postmates. They will invite you to a brief orientation and you have to make a schedule when you can come to their office. This orientation should give you a detailed overview of how Postmates works.

This orientation session will take you about 20-30 minutes and you will have the opportunity to ask all questions about Postmates. Here you will find out more about your obligations, insurance, your income. After this conversation, you should fill out a card that will confirm that you are interested in Postmates. This card is also approved for your background check.  The background checks will last around 2-4 days.  Once you pass that check, you’re invited back for on-boarding. You will first receive a phone call to make an appointment for on-boarding.

Once you have the date and time for on-boarding scheduled, Postmates will email you a document to e-sign. In this email, Postmates will ask you to attach a copy of your driver’s license as well as auto insurance.

When you go to the onboard session you have to bring a government-issued photo ID. If you are planning to drive your car you should bring a copy of your current insurance card. You should also have your own mobile device based on iOS or Android platform. You should also set up your Postmates direct deposit which will be used to receive your money. This means that you have to have your bank account and routing number.

On this onboard session, you will find out more about other important things before you start to pick up orders and deliver them to a customer. Here you will learn how to communicate with your customer, how to deal with unpleasant situations and how to overcome any difficulty. Here is a list of the important things for those who want to become Postmates.

Driver Requirements

If you want to be a Postmate you should see this as a serious job and be dedicated to completing your tasks on time and with high quality. You should also fulfill a few other basic requirements. First of all, you have to be older than 18 and have your bike, car, motorcycle, scooter or truck. If you want to use car or truck you have to own a valid driver’s license and positive attitude.


According to Company, Postmates receive the most of the delivery fee. They also receive all of the tips. This means that Postmates can make up to $25 for one hour depending on chosen deliveries. All the earnings will be deposited to the PostMate weekly.

Who Can Apply?

Almost anyone can become PostMate as long as he/she is a friendly member of the community, and is older than 18. If you are parent that needs additional money or college student who wants to have some fun and make decent earnings you are more than welcome to apply.

Postmates is also a good choice for people that have been working as a delivery driver for companies like CDL, UPS, FedEx. It’s suitable also for truck drivers, bike couriers, or even for people with a background like Uber driver, Sidecar driver, Lyft driver, Caviar courier or Instacart shopper. Anyone with a proper vehicle who is oriented to a customer-service can get into the business.


Postmates provides $1 million in excess liability insurance once you’ve accepted a delivery and they will also pay up to $50,000 in medical expenses. For bicycle Postmates, they provide $1 million in general liability.

How Postmates Works for Drivers

Once you have started with your job as a postmate you will be assigned to a customer that you suit best to his/her needs. Depending on your performance you will gain the rating. Best rating you have, more customers you will get.

But before you start with the job you will get the device with Postmates app that you will use to receive requests. When you get the order on your Postmates app, first you will be able to see where the restaurant or other shop is. At this point, you will not be able to see how much it’s going to pay nor where you should deliver those items. To see this you should first accept the request.

This procedure is made like this because the payout depends on distance. If they were able to see the drop-off point,  many Postmates would only accept the longer deliveries in order to earn more money. Maybe it doesn’t sound good for the drivers but it’s logic since otherwise no one would accept the short rides.

Before your first delivery, you will get a Pex card from Postmates. This card is similar to a credit card and you will be able to use it to pay for all that customer have ordered. Sometimes you will get a request to deliver goods from a cash only place. In this case you will have to pay for this goods with your own money.

But don’t worry – Postmates will give you money back. According to the Postmates data, tips are usually higher on cash orders comparing to credit orders. That’s probably because customers are aware that cash orders are more complicated for Postmates.

Usually, customers make orders that include food from a restaurant which has a partnership with Postmates.  This makes things easier for you since customer service team from Postmates will call the restaurant and make the order. All you have to do is to go to the place, take the order and deliver it to a given address.

There are some cases when customers place their orders with other places that are not Postmates Partners. In this cases, you need to call the restaurant and place the order yourself. From this point, you also have to go and pay for food, pick it up and take it to the customer. A Postmate sometimes has to spend a lot of time waiting for food to be prepared and he/she might not be able to deliver food in one hour. That’s why you should be in contact with the customer via the app.

Postmates can charge their customers surge price called ‘Blitz Pricing’. This is a good compensation for you when you work in high demand. This higher pricing is applied when Postmates customer service line is overloaded and there aren’t many Postmates available.

Always make sure that you get your delivery on time. Keep in mind that after you deliver the food, the customer can go on the app and rate you as well as leave you a tip. Better your service is, higher the tip will be.

Note that you can work in any city or state where Postmates operates is no matter if you are from some other city. You can use any kind of vehicles but you should consider using a motorcycle to lower the costs since you’ll spend less gas and will be able to navigate traffic more easily. In this case, you should get some type of security box for the food.

Tips for Driver Success

Here are some tips that will help you become successful Postmate:

– Maintain good communication – It’s very important to be constantly in touch with job support which means customer service team but also keep in mind that you should contact the customer at any time during the delivery if its necessary.

– Be detail-oriented – This is very important for a PostMate since there are some customers that have high demands and they will be upset if their order isn’t completely correct. You have to ensure accuracy and that’s why you should:  communicate with the customer and make sure the order you pick up as well as the receipt completely matches the Postmates order.

– Schedule your shifts – This way you will gain a priority dispatch comparing to other Postmates who are more willing to just hop onto the app. For example, if you are approximately same with rating as another Postmate and he is closer to the job, you will be chosen for that job if you have scheduled your hours and the other PostMate didn’t.

– Use the general operations line – This is Postmates’ helpline for drivers. You can contact them from 9 am until 6 pm PST and ask them for any kind of help you might need. You can reach this service at 707-395-7678.

Enjoy Great Savings and Get $10 Off First Delivery

We hope this article has given you a comprehensive overview of the Postmates service. Before you go, remember that you can use enter code RIDESHAREAPPS to get $10 free credit for your first order.

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