How To Schedule an Uber Ride

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Schedule an Uber Ride with the New Kommen App

Over the past few years, we’ve seen immense growth in popular ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and DoorDash. These on-demand transportation platforms allow us to get ourselves and deliveries of food and other goods wherever we require, all in the course of a few minutes.

As we use the apps more and more, however, we do realize some of the limitations that they bring. For example, when using Uber, the world’s largest rideshare app, riders will notice that they are unable to schedule an Uber ride ahead of time. For the planner, getting an Uber ride when you want is not necessarily as important as doing things in advance and forgetting about it. This is especially true when you have to remember a whole lot of other things.

Today, we introduce an app to you that solves one of your problems. With Kommen, you can now schedule an Uber Ride.

What you can do with Kommen:

With Kommen you can schedule your Uber rides 30 days ahead. You also get a buzz on your mobile device between 15 to 20 minutes before the ride time.

With Kommen, you finally get to work and rideshare smart. Never miss an appointment, meeting or run late for a date because “you got caught up”. Why don’t you let us bear all your dates and appointments in our digital mind and send you your Uber driver just when you need him/her? Kommen is the perfect upgrade to the way you Uber, just for you.

To download the app on Android: Go here: Kommen : Schedule an Uber Ride – Android Apps on Google Play

For information on “Kommen” and to get notified when we launch on IOS: Go to

If you have any questions about Kommen send an email to and put in the Subject Line: “Kommen”.

By Ola John (Writer for and Malik Akande (Founder of & Kommen)


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