SherpaShare Expands with Introduction of New Pulse App

SherpaShare Pulse

SherpaShare has long been known in the rideshare industry as a cool tool that makes life easier for all types of rideshare drivers.  Drivers depend on SherpaShare to easily manage expenses and track mileage, not only helping them keep up on their income, but also helping make taxes a lot easier when the time comes to file them. Along their journey, however, SherpaShare has also managed to create the largest driver community in the world.

But what happens when you have the largest community of drivers in the world at your fingertips? There’s a lot of potential to pick their brains and learn from them. After all, these are the people who are out on the front lines every day. They’re the ones with the stories, experiences, knowledge and passion to help others. They’re the catalyst of change that will change the face of ridesharing forever.

But how do you tap into that experience and knowledge, uniting them towards a common goal? SherpaShare figured out just that; by integrating Driver Chat 2.0 into their existing platform. The chat feature allows drivers to share stories, information, tips and tricks with each other, in real time. The features are cool, but still a little lacking. Then SherpaShare came out of the blue and made a huge announcement.

Yesterday SherpaShare dropped their new app, SherpaShare Pulse, making connecting and collaborating with other drivers as simple as opening the app and saying what’s on your mind. After seeing the successful integration of the SherpaShare Chat feature, which drivers are already using to generate thousands of new posts per week, we anticipate this to skyrocket SherpaShare to the next level.

A few screenshots from the app:

Why does this matter?

To many drivers this is game-changing. While used to be out for themselves, pulling as much money in as they could, SherpaShare has found a way to unite them and help them start more than just a chat, but a way to ignite a movement. Drivers can leverage the platform to be better informed, navigate new opportunities, and make new friends that share the same passion.

Did you just have a crazy experience picking up a passenger? Share it with other drivers in the area, or nationwide. Did Uber drop rates and need to vent? Let it out! Need advice on something that you just can’t figure out? Other drivers are just a tap away. No matter what you need, the SherpaShare Pulse app will bring you together with tens of thousands of drivers, just like you. This app is built by drivers, for drivers, so you can be sure that no matter where you’re driving, SherpaShare has your back.


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