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What is SherpaShare?

The Ultimate Guide to SherpaShare

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you have probably heard of Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber. They are, after all, 3 of the best ridesharing companies in the industry. And you may have heard of Postmates, Doordash, Spoonrocket, and Instacart. But unless you drive for one of these services, you probably haven’t heard of SherpaShare.

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SherpaShare is one of the hottest new companies in the space, and is taking the ride sharing industry by storm. It is a free resource that allows ridesharing drivers to track earnings, mileage, and analytics all in one place. It basically simplifies their lives immensely. Combine simplicity with powerful analytics and you get a rideshare driver with one massive step up on the competition.

SherpaShare is a free analytics service specifically designed to aid ride sharing drivers to accurately calculate their true incomes. You as driver might estimate your income at a specific amount, whereas it might in fact be much lower when all factors are considered. Although it was initially only using two major services platforms, they currently display five ride sharing services and growing. Other services that are not on the app can still integrate and be used although it must be done manually. You can now earn more, work less and plan routes for effective driving while have data permanently available and backed up with the use of cloud integration.

Brief Company History

SherpaShare was developed by two founders, Ryder Pearce and Jianming after the success of ridesharing services such as Lyft and Uber. Instead of extending their knowledge into forming another ridesharing service, they decided to support for drivers, as the popularity of ridesharing is vast. Listening to drivers and their needs, SherpaShare was developed with two companies integrated in the beginning, namely Lyft and Uber as the two major players at the time. SherpaShare is an independent third-party platform solely for the convenience and benefit of drivers and in no way linked to any ridesharing services, although their platform supports three of the largest companies namely sidecar, Uber and Lyft.

Who uses SherpaShare?

Ridesharing drivers all over the world are using SherpaShare to become more efficient. Drivers for companies like Uber, Sidecar, Lyft, Doordash and Postmates can seamlessly integrate the platform into their driving routines.


Whether you are a full-time delivery driver for Sidecar, or a weekend warrior for Lyft, SherpaShare can help you make the most out of your time driving.

Why should you Use SherpaShare?

If you dive for a rideshare company then you need the free third-party app that was designed especially for drivers like you. You will never wonder or have only a wild guess at what you made for the day, as a tap on the app will display all the relevant information accurately. No more estimates and no guesswork as you can make informed decisions. You decide when to drive where to drive as well as who to drive for, amongst other things. Do you wonder what the traffic is like in an area, what event are current in another area? With the app you have free access to other drivers as well as live updates of everything you might find helpful and useful for planning your day or trip.

How SherpaShare Helps Drivers

Companies such as Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber market themselves offering frictionless routes and high-paying routes, thus attracting many drivers. Unfortunately the great outlook often are confusing when drivers do not accurately input mileage, expenses, working hours, number of fares and daily incomes. When using the free app drivers predict incomes and all related information including the rides for a specific company. A tap and you are able to see how much you make.

How much does SherpaShare cost?

The best part about SherpaShare is that is is completely free. Yes, you read that right; SherpaShare is free of cost, and drivers will pay nothing for the service. Sound too good to be true? It really is free. Once you sign up, there won’t be any hidden fees or costs associated. Free really is free in this case.

How can this be? Well, according to Co-Founder Ryder Pearce, the company is looking to establish a loyal user base for the time being. Like many startups trying to get a foothold in Silicon Valley, eventually new drivers will be able to upgrade from the free version to unlock additional features that are not available on the free plan. For SherpaShare this is a ways down the road, but that is the plan for the future. The “freemium” model is a benefit to both the driver and the company offering the service, so take advantage of it while you can.

SherpaShare Features

There is a lot to say about Sherpashare, and we could go on an on. There are a few key features that really stand out and make SherpaShare a huge asset to ridesharing drivers.

Manage Earnings

Sherpashare allows drivers to input their daily incomes, number of fares, working hours, expenses, and mileage to obtain not only more information about their pay, but also insights into the driving patterns that are most profitable for the driver.

Track Mileage

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Tracking mileage is another great feature that drivers love about Sherpa. Tracking mileage not only allows drivers to estimate fuel expenses, but also is great for calculating taxes at the end of the year. A driver captures all mileage as well as the actual time worked, and not only the actual time that passengers and goods are transported.

One of the outstanding benefits apart from others mentioned is the connection with other rideshare drivers using the Sherpa app. Drivers receive live information on road conditions, traffic flows, accidents and routes to avoid and better routes to take from their dashboard. Because rideshare drivers can write off mileage to reduce the amount they are taxed, drivers can see why this is such a popular feature.

Tutorial: How to activate SherpaShare mileage tracking

This video provides users with a step-by-step walkthrough of how to activate SherpaShare mileage tracking. This is a must in the rideshare world, as doing so will help save you tons of money come tax season.

Check it out:

Increase Efficiency

Integrating SherpaShare into a driver’s routine helps drastically increase efficiency. Using the valuable data that SherpaShare provides, drivers are able to see where is the best spot to drive to get the most out of the hours they log in the car.

SherpaShare is for ridesharing drivers who aim to make a living either from full-time driving or as a flexible, fun way to earn additional income. Drivers soon realize there is more to driving than just transporting people from point A to B. Drivers need a trusted and accurate source that is not focused on making money, but actually prove that they can earn a decent living and experience growth. The goal is to work smarter and not harder, while earning a good living and that is one of the main reasons why drivers using a rideshare service must use SherpaShare’s free analytics. The app that is available online and on smartphone and iPhone automatically integrates earnings via one dashboard and allow you to see your net earning daily, weekly and monthly.

Drivers can only make money and earn a decent living by proper tracking of various data including expenses compared to income. Many drivers use only one service and they can add each mileage directly in the SherpaShare app dashboard and immediately see what the hourly income comes to after expenses are deducted. Driver can now detect whether they had a better or worse day than the previous days and from here alter routes and driving days accordingly.

It teaches you how to be a smarter driver as you get the complete picture on an easy to navigate dashboard. A driver see which are his better hours, days, and plans better working hours. They can see how and if the hourly income increase or decrease over time and plan accordingly as well as a comparison chart of how well they do against other drivers doing ridesharing. Other very useful data that makes planning easier and more profitable is locating other drivers, even when they are using a different drive sharing service than you, from where you can make a different decision on your route.

This is a great option of data collection for drivers that uses more than one rideshare service as a growing number of drivers now use for example both Lyft and Uber. If you use more than one service and need to see how they compare against each other in order to concentrate on one or the other or change your service altogether this is excellent as you compare incomes from the services used accurately.

Companion App

This month, SherpaShare introduced a mobile app that calculates total mileage and driving time, from the moment drivers first leave home to pick up a passenger to the moment they turn off their ride-hailing apps for the day.

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Click to get the app on the App Store

“Today, in a smartphone driven world, everyone prefer using native apps to access certain information. With so many features and data provided by Sherpashare, it can be hard to navigate using the mobile browser. Starting today, you can get the Sherpashare iOS app. Here is a short list of the available features:

  • Automatic Mileage Tracking
  • Display tax deductions
  • Compare driver earnings with others in your city

New Features

In addition to existing features, SherpaShare is planning to release quite a few new features that drivers will love.

Pros and cons of SherpaShare

After using SherpaShare you will agree that SherpaShare is pretty cool. But even a service packed with such awesome features has a thing or two that could be improved.

  Advantages of SherpaShare

  • It is totally free – SherpaShare is totally free and won’t cost you a thing. You can’t beat that
  • Automatic trip logging and mileage tracking – SherpaShare’s platform automatically tracks tips and logs your miles, leading to easier tax estimates and more accurate expenses
  • Easily integrates with rideshare apps – SherpaShare easily integrates with the apps you are already using, and once integration is complete, you have all your earnings and trips located in one easy-to-use central location
  • Real-time advice and updates – Drivers receive real-time advice and tips on roads, traffic and more while keeping track of other drivers in that area even if they use a different ride sharing service
  • Easy Access – Get access to other drivers in order to get live updates of events and traffic updates
  • GPS Mileage Tracking – SherpaShare users now have the ability to track mileage conveniently with a smartphone’s GPS without being heavy on the battery

  Disadvantages of SherpaShare

  • Boring interface – Because SherpaShare is a budding startup, the interface is not as nice as others. The functionality is definitely there, but it is not as aesthetically pleasing as the Lyft of Uber driver portals

Use SherpaShare to calculate taxes

SherpaShare drivers are finding the platform incredibly helpful when calculating their taxes for the year. SherpaShare tracks earnings, mileage, and estimated fuels costs, allowing drivers to get a very good understanding of what they can write off and what they will be taxed on when the time comes.

Example: Julie the Driver

To give you a better understanding of the importance of using SherpaShare to help with rideshare taxes, we created an adapted version of an article we came across when reading the SherpaShare blog.

The scenario: Julie the driver is a hard-working individual that drives for Uber, Sidecar, and Lyft. She doesn’t work full time, but works enough to make a decent wage. After filling out her taxes, Julie was floored to find out that she only gets to keep 30% of her earnings.

The numbers: Last year Julie made $15,000 from rideshare driving. Because she is an independent contractor, she gets taxed about 30%, so she must write the government a $4,000 check. On top of that, she remembered all the expenses she had throughout the year. These include gas, vehicle mileage and depreciation, carwashes, and everything else that she bought specifically for rideshare driving throughout the year. That is another $5,000 off her check.

So what does that leave her with? Only about $6,000 after deductions. She factors in time driving and realizes that it was pretty much not worth driving at all.

The solution: Integrate SherpaShare to maximize rideshare driving deductions and get the most money in your pocket.

Had Julie tracked her mileage, she would have realized that she drove over 10,000 miles. Combine that with the standard IRS deduction rate of $0.58 per mile, and she would have gotten over $5,000 in deductible expenses.

Final verdict: As you can see, because Julie used SherpaShare to track mileage and expenses, she was able to deduct these from her taxes, leaving her with abount $5,000 more in her pocket. Had she not integrated SherpaShare, she would have been out quite a bit of money.

Important points about rideshare taxes

Every year, rideshare drivers pay way more money in taxes than they really have to. Why is this? Because they don’t fully understand how they are classified as employees and they miss out on key deductions that they can take advantage of. We created a full-blown guide to rideshare taxes that goes into detail about all of these things. Check it out and see how much you can save when filing!

Video tutorials

Refer to the video below to learn how to use SherpaShare to help calculate taxes based on your Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar earnings. This is a quick and dirty overview of how to use SherpaShare for taxes, and is by no means a full-on tutorial to walk you through everything. If you want one of those, check out the video below this one.

Like the video above,  this is another video of how you can leverage SherpaShare data to help calculate your rideshare taxes. This video was made my Derek Davis, a CPA and co-founder of Shared Economy CPA, and Tabby Tax. He has over a decade of experience in corporate tax after working for Deloitte and PWC, so you know he is pulling out the big guns.

Check it out:

Sign Up For SherpaShare

Sold on SherpaShare? Then sign up for free now to make the most out of your time behind the wheel. SherpaShare is completely and totally free, so you won’t be paying anything for it. You will need a SherpaShare referral code though, so make sure to use our code, RSPC, at signup. When you click the link to sign up it will automatically populate so you don’t have to worry about it.

Exclusive promo code for rideshare drivers

 Use SherpaShare referral code: RSPC

– Sign Up For Free –

Registration with the free service SherpaShare offers can be done either on the web or via android or iPhone. After registration, drivers are taken to a settings page from where the driving service integrates automatically with the supported companies. Current supported companies are Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, DoorDash, and Postmates with more in the works. From the settings all trip level earnings and relevant data are integrated with an easy to use interface with your dashboard updated on a daily basis to display your earnings.

SherpaShare Integration Tutorials

SherpaShare integrates as free add-on service for drivers using rideshare in particular Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. A driver integrates earning statements for a quick comparison on any basis from daily, to weekly as well as monthly. Expenses are all in one place and tax time is not only a breeze, but also accurate. It is automatically integrated with the three major players namely Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, as well as a few other rideshare services such as Postmates and DoorDash. Users using any other service need to add other services manually. After entering expenses a driver can see exactly how it affects his earnings.

Integrating rideshare services into SherpaShare is easy, and can usually be done in just a few clicks. Refer to the tutorials below for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.

Integrating Uber with SherpaShare

Setting up Uber on SherpaShare is very easy to do. Because SherpaShare pulls trip information directly from Uber, you will need to grant it access to your Uber Driver Portal.

Step 1: From the Settings tab, navigate down to Uber Integration, then click the Activate Uber Integration button.

Uber Integration 1

Step 2:

Next, provide credentials for your Uber Dashboard and allow SherpaShare access to your payment statements. This is your uberX account, so make sure to use those credentials, not your SherpaShare ones.

Enter your email and password, then click the blue Allow Access button.

Uber Integration 2

That is all there is to it! Your Uber pay statements and driver information will be reflected in the SherpaShare dashboard and will automatically track your earnings and ride information.

Uber Integration 3

Integrating Lyft, Postmates, and Doordash with SherpaShare

To integrate Lyft, Postmates, and Doordash, you will need to provide Sherpa with the email address associated with these accounts.

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings tab in your SherpaShare account, then scroll down to the section labeled Email Integration (for your Lyft, Postmates, and Doordash)

DoorDash Lyft Integration

Step 2: Click the blue Activate Email Integration button. You will then be taken to another screen that prompts you to put in your GMail credentials.

Step 3: Enter your Gmail credentials using the One Click Integration With Gmail button.

DoorDash Lyft Integration 2

Once you enter your credentials, SherpaShare will have access to your email and pay statements. Your DoorDash, Postmates, and Lyft earnings will then get tracked and you will see them reflected in your driver dashboard. Easy!

Integrating Sidecar with SherpaShare

If you run into problems during the integration process, we are here to help. Either leave a question in the comments below or reach out to us through our contact form. We will do our best to get you integrated and fully on the way to increasing your efficiency as a driver!

SherpaShare FAQ

We get a lot of questions about SherpaShare, so we figured we would compile a list of frequently asked questions about the service. We could hack together a few answers of our own and call it good. OR we could find a very influential and knowledgeable person with a strong foothold in the rideshare industry get answers straight from a highly credible, knowledgeable source. And that is exactly what we did.

Ryder Pearce, Co-Founder of SherpaShare, answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the service. He gave some great, helpful answers, which you can find below.

Question 1: What is the most-loved feature about Sherpashare?

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From Day 1 we set out to help drivers better understand their true earnings and how they could driver smarter and earn more. This was all on our website – a dashboard that drivers could sync their earnings, expenses, and mileage on and get a clearer picture of their on-demand work. Driver’s have loved this, especially when they were at home a day after driving and wanted to see how they actually performed.

A couple months ago, we rolled out features specific to more of the real-time, on the road, need of the driver, on our iPhone and Android apps. These include tracking full mileage, chatting with other drivers, and now, seeing a heatmap of were other drivers are on the road. We’ve definitely seen excitement about the heatmap in the week it’s been out, since drivers realize it’s ability to help them make important driving decisions – and how the value will only increase as the network of drivers using SherpaShare increase.

Question 2: How many drivers are currently using SherpaShare?

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We have tens of thousands of on-demand workers using SherpaShare, from services like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Sidecar.

Question 3: Any cool new features on the horizon?

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Yes! If you’ve been using our apps over the past couple months, you’ve seen how quick the team here is adding features to give drivers better information and ways of connecting with other drivers. They’ve been a hit, and we’re continuing to perfect these based on driver feedback and will have more announcements to make soon.

Question 4: How can drivers use SherpaShare for their taxes ?

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This past spring we partnered with CPA’s to put together a few tax videos as well as a tax one-pager guide. The video goes step-by-step on how to use your SherpaShare numbers directly on your tax forms. The caveat being that we’re not tax professionals and we recommend you seek a CPA for advice.
Now that SherpaShare drivers can also track their mileage on our app, they’ll be in a significantly better position for deductions. Directly on the app you can see what your estimated deduction could be based on mileage. Highly recommended to check out soon. Even if you’ve missed half a year of tracking, you can still get lots of value from the mileage tracking as well as manually add in any miles you’ve already logged.

Question 5: How many cities does SherpaShare support?

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Drivers in all US cities can download our apps from Google Play or the App Store. However, on our website we also have a CityMetrics feature that allows drivers to see aggregate driving earnings and patterns in their city. This is only available when a certain number of drivers are using SherpaShare in a city, and currently is live in close to 100 cities. Check it out to see if your city has been unlocked.

Question 6: How has SherpaShare changed from a small, scrappy startup to a major player and trusted brand among drivers all over the world

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This is a great home-run question, thanks. Well, yes, we certainly are proud to have gained the trusts of tens of thousands of drivers and also the industry at large. For us, we’ve always put drivers first and have been very open and involved with our community, responding to messages around the clock. This definitely helped build the early community, but most importantly, drivers love what we’ve built and are telling others.

Question 7: From an insider’s perspective, what do you think is the future for the ridesharing industry?

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We’re big believers in the growing opportunities available for on-demand workers and independent contractors. Yes, it is still a nascent industry – this includes ridesharing, delivery, and other on-demand work – and will continue to face challenges. However, there’s no doubt that there’s a growing desire for work flexibility. We continue to see a work ecosystem emerging – with services and support services – that will provide more support for rideshare drivers, deliverers, and others.


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