Shipt Promo Code, Credit & Coupon Guide

Shipt Promotion Guide For December 2017

Add oomph to your grocery shopping experience with Shipt! On-demand grocery delivery has never been better. Simply register online, download the app and you are ready to select your favorite grocery items and order a delivery. A massive network of reliable shoppers, local partners and recognized brands ensure range of options and superior quality.

No long hours maneuvering the shopping cart. No waiting on checkout lanes. No disappointment of “out of stock” specialty food options. Best thing about it? New users can try the service risk-free when they use the Shipt promo code for new users located below! Eat better. Live better.

How it Works

Shopping for groceries made so simple, that it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Order: Register as a member with Shipt, and download the Shipt App. We are available on every app store (iOS, Android, Web browsers). Now simply pick the groceries, select delivery options and press ‘checkout’. Quick, easy and convenient.We accept all major credit cards and are integrating with Apple Pay, PayPal and a host of other options very soon. Woot!
  2. Shop: Our supply chain comprises of local retailers, local farming sources and reliable grocery brands. Quality is our watchword. So you can sift through myriad options and be assured of picking from only the best available options. Special dietary needs? No problem. We have hundreds of varieties – including gluten-free, dairy-free, anti-allergen and low-fat options.Our prices may differ a little from the store prices.
  3. Deliver: Same-day delivery of the groceries at your doorstep. Order groceries worth over $35 and we’ll waive the nominal delivery fee too. You may think we have top-shelf delivery logistics. We just think you would hate to wait.

Shipt Referral Code

If Shipt sounds like a service you are interested in, then go ahead and sign up for a free account and claim your account credit for new Shipt users! Right now, Shipt is offering $10 in free account credit to new users, just for signing up. This is a great way to try the service without having to spend any of your own money.

money iconTo claim this wonderful bonus, simply visit Shipt through the link below, sign up for a free account, then start shopping. Yes, it is that simple. All you need to do is visit the site through the link and you will be walked step-by-step through the process.

Have a question? Need clarification about part of the process? Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you sign up for Shipt and claim your free groceries. As always, we are here to help!

promo car cash

Exclusive offer for first time users

Use Shipt new user promo code: cVBwB

Get $10 in groceries on the house!

Other Ship promotions and offers

There are a few promotional codes and rebate options on offer from Shipt apart from the regular delivery fee waiver (for orders over $35) and weekly sales:

  1. Enter the code cVBwD at checkout to receive $10 free credit for new users.
  2. $49 MemberShipt fee (50% off) promotional membership for new cities, users of beta app and holiday season deals. Keep an eye out on Facebook updates. The $10 credit can be stacked.
  3. Black Friday and Cyber weekend offer – $49 membership. You may have just missed it this year, but Shipt slashes their annual membership fee by half every year. So you can still plan ahead for a great gift next year.
  4. Periodic promo codes like F916C829 to take 15% off your order with a minimum order amount of $50, $100 or $200. Save more.
  5. Avail “buy one, get one” deals offered by Publix. Though Shipt doesn’t allow you to add other Publix discounts or coupons to their app, their in-store deals can be availed by shopping with Shipt, allowing you even more value for money.

Shipt also promotes discounts and sales regularly via their social media engagements – in particular Facebook and Twitter.

Pro Tips for New Users

Shipt allows you to order groceries from anywhere you have access to internet. Our customers order from comforts of home, in-between meetings at work, or even from 30,000 feet in the air! If you are using Shipt for the first time, here are a few pro tips to make your grocery shopping experience even more awesome:

  • Weekly Sales – Watch out for weekly sale items in your Shipt App. You may sign up for alerts or keep an eye out for highlighted ‘sale’ items. Shipt prices may be marginally higher than store prices to accommodate the delivery logistics, and Shipt doesn’t allow use of coupons for the specific retailers you’re ordering groceries for. However, you can stock up on your ‘sale items’ periodically, to ensure you get the convenience at a great price. Shop smart, ship smart.
  • $35 orders – Take advantage of the “Free delivery” offer for all orders of over $35 total. Shipt doesn’t have a minimum delivery amount, but there’s typically a $7 delivery fee for orders of less than $35. Order bulk items to save more.
  • Free Shipt Codes and Offers – Periodically, there are free shipt codes to waive up to 50% of the annual membership fee, online contests to win “free delivery” for an entire year or monthly coupons to use for a free delivery order. There are also special promo codes for free shipping with prime-time locations of choice (Disney stores, Miami seaquarium etc.) Learn more below
  • MemberShipt – earn two-way referral bonuses and rebates by signing up for MemberShipt and inviting your friends. Your friends must use the referral codes to ensure you both earn the bonus
  • Schedule a delivery – First-time Shipt users often overlook the convenience of scheduling deliveries for a future date. If you’re out of town, have over-run your weekly grocery budget, or anticipate that extra grocery run for a holiday party you’re throwing next week – simply order your items ahead of time and they’ll be at your doorstep on that day. Due to constraints of perishable items however, you need to be home when the delivery is made.
  • Earn more as Shipt Shopper – If you’re at least 18, have some spare time and a vehicle, you can make up to $15-$20 per hour by signing up as a Shipt shopper. Learn more below2

Shipt can handle all kinds of special food-item needs. Special heat-insulation bags are used to transport items which must be kept hot, or frozen. For legal reasons alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not delivered by Shipt.

The Shipt App

Rather than putting Uber vs Lyft, then trying to figure out which company is better, check out the Shipt app and do away with any confusion. The Shipt App is available for the iOS Appstore, Android Play store, and web friendly versions for browsers. The feature-set makes it one of the best rated grocery apps on all these platforms.

  1. Clear Classification – Screens provide options of a variety of grocery items. Meat, pantry, produce, pet’s items, personal care, beauty and healthcare etc. are clearly marked as item categories. Each category further provides options of organic variants, packaged goods, fresh local produce etc. Drill down deeper to see all available items with price and quantity options.
  2. Notes – every item has individual option to add ‘notes’ – if you need special care to keep the meats and cheese frozen, need the items delivered to your kitchen because of a medical condition, or even special alerts for deals – you can fill it all in.
  3. Weekly Deals screen outlines all deals and sale prices on offer.
  4. Drawer Menu on top left comes with options to invite friends, account updates, check order status, or seek any help you need with the app.
  5. Shopping Cart on top right updates count in real-time as you add individual items. Once you’re ready to checkout it simply ties it in with the payment information and delivers confirmation.

Clear, bold font on clean white background highlights the commitment to good ingredients and concept of healthy, clean grocery retail. The bright green accents further the eco-friendly, organic commitment.

Save with an Annual Shipt Membership

Becoming an Annual Member for Shipt is rewarding. You can save precious time not waiting on checkout lanes and struggling to find the right choices in grocery lanes.

How much do I pay?

For a mere $99 per year, let Shipt do the heavy-lifting for you, every time. Yes, you heard that right – the annual membership gives freedom for unlimited delivery. For beta testers in a new city, there is a promotional offer for $49 (50% off!). Consider the costs of gas, parking and time for every trip to the grocery store and you will realize the win-win offer.

Does Shipt deliver from places other than Publix?

At present, Publix is our biggest partner. We also deliver from Kroger in select locations. The supply chains are selected by popular demand, and we’re expanding. So keep your eyes peeled.

Is there any membership restriction?

None. You can order as many times you wish, even in a single day. If anything, we also request that the retailers accommodate custom selections for our members in case you don’t find what you need in the app. But with over 30,000+ options we hope you will rarely run into that!

Do we need to tip?

No. Members are not required to tip but if you think your shopper went above and beyond, feel free to do so. Thank you for asking.

As members you can also order groceries for friends and family. Just enter their address and we’ll deliver. Payment options include all cards and we’re hard at work integrating 3rd-party processors.

Give the Gift of shipt

You can gift your friends and family a Shipt membership and simplify their grocery shopping experience. Save them the hassle of scouring overwhelming options, wait times at checkout lanes, and navigating traffic as they download a simple smartphone app and get it all delivered right at their doorstep. You can also receive two-way referral bonuses for select markets where Shipt beta is being launched for the first time.

Schedule a delivery, surprise with flowers and chocolates, plan for a party/ event, or help with special dietary needs of a dear one.

Give the gift of time, convenience and quality. Give the gift of shipt.

Best time to use the Free Shipt Code

A Free Shipt Code is a cherry on top of all the benefits of convenience, simplicity, and time offered by Shipt. It allows you to get a Free delivery of groceries to any residential or business location. The Shipt service is active between 8 am and 10 pm on work days.

You can derive the best value off your Free Shipt Code by availing them for bulk orders for events which require shipping of a big grocery consignment.

Big parties – Birthday, anniversary, holiday or weddings can all be handled by Shipt. You can save a lot by bulk ordering the produce, cooking supplies, flowers, snacking items etc. and then just hire chefs to handle the food. It would cost a fraction of spending on catering and decoration personnel.

Work events – handle banquet dinners, conference meals, or informal pot-lucks with Shipt supplies.

There are endless possibilities of taking care of big events and grocery supplies without burning a hole through your wallet.

Explore the fresh new world of grocery shopping from the comforts of your smartphone today.

Become a Shipt Shopper

Becoming a shopper for Shipt allows you to rake in handy part-time income, enjoy the independence of managing your own schedule, and the excitement of partnership with a technology start-up.

If you are above 18 years of age, have a friendly demeanor, and own a vehicle, you could sign up to become a Shipt Shopper and make up to $25 per hour shopping and deliveries groceries in your area.

Is the pay fixed?

Payment is based on a percentage of the sales you make and number of successful orders you complete. Depending on the volume you handle, you can make anywhere from $15 to $25 an hour. Do remember however, you would have to pay for your fuel, and upkeep of your vehicle so you can deliver within a certain time, and those are incurred costs of running a business.

What are the qualification criteria?

  • You must be 18 years or more at the time of applying. If you’re two weeks away from your 18th birthday, at the time of application, just hold on for couple of weeks!
  • You must have a valid driver’s license at the time of applying. Speeding tickets are not deal-breakers, but if you have major misdemeanors (road rage, accidental homicide, and suspended license) on your record, your application might be rejected.
  • Shipt employs third-party background checks. Criminal record, drug or alcohol abuse or any other blacklisting is liable to disrupt the chances of employment. Shipt values customer safety, especially in a business model which involves in-person interfacing with them.
  • You must have a reasonable understanding of grocery selection. If you can’t tell a fat-free yogurt from a full-fat one, or a lime from a lemon, this might not be the job for you.
  • Background in hospitality industry isn’t necessary, but does give an edge to the applicants. Shipt values customer friendly personalities, which reflects well on them and their retail partners.

How do I apply?

You can apply on the Shipt site by signing up here. Once you meet the requirements and clear the background check, there would be a short interview either with a Shipt Shopper or a customer service personnel to ensure you meet the minimum requirements of becoming a part of the team.

How do I get paid?

You can get paid by one of the two options – electronic deposit to your account every fortnight or a paper check mailed to you in the same periodic manner. You will need to file a 1099-MISC for independent business for tax purposes if you make more than $600 for the year (to be honest, you might make that within a week or two with us!).

Plus we also have a “Free Membership” offer for all Shipt Shoppers – yeah, so you can get groceries delivered at your doorstep, all year round, for $0.

Wow, what else?

Well, there’s a cool green Tee you can flaunt. You get to meet new people, make them feel good, help your community, and enjoy freedom from 9-to-5. And yes, as the Shipt website claims, you are encouraged to tune-up your singing skills at work.

Watch your mother and your love interest gush about your new-found grocery shopping skills!

Shipt FAQ

To make life a little simpler, we have put together a list of the most common questions we get asked. From Shipt pricing to delivery schedules, you can find it all below.

How are Shipt prices calculated?

Pricing in the Shipt app is determined by a few very simple criteria.

  • Deliveries are free for members on orders over $35
  • Orders UNDER $35 incur a small delivery fee of $7

Prices are usually about $0.30 cents more per item to account for the packing and time it takes to actually go and get the items. Essentially, you are just paying for convenience.

Is there a minimum order for Shipt customers?

No, there is not a minimum order for ship customers. As we said above, orders below the $35 mark incur a delivery fee of $7, while orders over $35 get free delivery.

Can users use coupons while ordering with Shipt?

Unfortunately no. At the present time, the Shipt delivery service cannot accept printed or digital coupons. Look out for that feature in the future, however, because it is highly sought after!

Do users have to tip their Shipt shoppers?

Shipt is a service industry, so the drivers don’t expect tips, but are always glad to get them when they do. While Uber has eliminated, and even discouraged tipping in their app, Shipt has not.

It is totally up to you, but will definitely make your shopper’s day with that little something extra ?

Does Shipt deliver groceries to businessess?

Yes, Shipt will deliver groceries to a business!

Are you a restaurant looking to try out a new dish? Use Shipt. Are you stuck in meetings all day and want to avoid fast food and stay healthy? Think Shipt.

Whatever your reason, Shipt will deliver to your home or business in record time!

Does Shipt deliver alcohol?

Shipt does not currently deliver alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, or propane tanks to customers for legal and safety reasons.

However, if you are looking to have these products delivered to your home, check out Drizly, Postmates, and DoorDash!

Can Shipt members schedule deliveries?

Yes, Shipt users can schedule a delivery with Shipt. In fact, they can place a grocery delivery at any time that is convenient for them!

Shipt delivery scheduling criteria:

  • Deliveries can be schedules for a one-hour window as soon as one hour after an order is placed
  • Shoppers are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Have a question related to a Shipt promo code or anything else related to the grocery delivery service? If you couldn’t find your answer above, send an email our way and we will do our best to reply ASAP.

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