Split Lyft Ride Fares With Split Payments

How to Split Lyft ride cost with other riders using Split Payments

In order to become more competitive in ridesharing industry, Lyft has added one new feature to its app called fare-splitting.

It was always possible to share a cost of the ride between friends when paying in cash but until recently Lyft didn’t offer the opportunity to split up the ride cost using their app. Now, if you chose to use Lyft app, you can select “Split Payments” and send invitation to maximum five people from your contacts list to share drive cost. When your friends accept this invitation, the fare will be shared automatically. Once all passengers use offered feature a $0.25 fee will be applied to each passenger who is included in a split payment.

You can send the requests to split the payment only during the active ride. If the driver has already dropped you off, you will not be able to use this feature anymore. It’s not obligatory for your friends to pay if you have invited them. Once you invite them they can decide to either accept or refuse the split. If they refuse an option before your ride is finished, the app will decline it automatically.

The app will split the ride price equally. Any tip that the requesting passenger has added will also be divided equally. Note that the requesting passenger is only one that can add a tip to the split payment.

When you are splitting the cost app will use the default payment method that is set on your account. On the other hand, if someone invites you to split, and you didn’t set payment method, app will ask you to add a new card once you have accepted Split Payments. If you are lucky enough to have credits associated to your account, app will apply to your part of the price.

Need help? Try searching out Lyft FAQ or reach out and contact Lyft directly to get your question answered.


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