The Ultimate Guide To DoorDash

The Ultimate Guide To DoorDash Delivery

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a Palo Alto, California based company that expands rapidly across various cities. This expanding company has one focus and that is to aid restaurants in delivering food to customers at home, office, etc. It is both beneficial for individuals who wants to earn an income by delivering meals to people in their area and restaurants reaching more customers by delivering a food delivery service without having to employ additional staff and delivery vehicles. It successfully accommodates three levels of services, by giving affordable service to hungry customers, job opportunities for the under employed job market with flexible hours, while at the same time help in small and large restaurant growth. DoorDash in itself is not a delivery company in itself that employs drivers to deliver food from restaurants; it is a technology start-up with a unique logistics software program, which efficiently smooth orders and deliveries between restaurants and customers.

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How Does It Work?

Restaurants often do not have the budget or facilities to employ delivery staff and although the service delivery company does not employ their own large staff, they use a different system of shared economy. Anybody can sign up for Door Dash to deliver food from the various restaurants to customers for fees and tips. You as hungry customer have the ability to make an online order with the time and destination of your order. You will receive a text when your meal is on its way, as well as when it is close to give you peace of mind that the driver did not get lost.

A restaurant that collaborates with DoorDash experience tremendous growth especially those without a specific delivery service of their own. After signing up with DoorDash a restaurant has a constant flow of food delivered by drivers operating as independent workers that works via the DoorDash website and no moneys are paid from a restaurant owner to drivers as a restaurant owner pays a minute amount of sales directly to DoorDash for using their services.

Where does DoorDash Operate?

DoorDash is ever expanding since its start-up in Palo Alto, but since expanded to other areas, which include Chicago, Boston, Brooklyn, Houston, Dallas, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Arlington and San Francisco. Currently more than 250 cities around the country are serviced and expand continuously to take DoorDash to all corners of the country.

DoorDash Coupons and Promo Codes

DoorDash offers continuous newly updated promo codes for both new and current customers. First time customers ordering from a restaurant via DoorDash could get a discount of $10 by entering the promo code D2BKH regardless of the order size. If you read this and do not live in an area with a DoorDash service yet, forward this code to a friend with the service in their area and they could use it instead. The codes, which are updated on the service website, is simply entered at checkout and discount is immediately subtracted from the order. First time customers also receive a $1 off their delivery when they order regardless from which city or restaurant. Therefor will a new customer pay an effective $11 less on their order when they use the first-time service coupon, which automatically subtracts from their payment as well as the $10 first-time order promo code. Joining the website or downloading the app also gives customers a link to a special promo code that connects with their own account and for each referral they get with people using the link, they receive an additional $5, which are deducted from future orders. Upon registration to the DoorDash website or after downloading the DoorDash app on Android or iPhone customers can subscribe via Facebook or email to get all future promo codes delivered to their email address.

Who Uses DoorDash

DoorDash welcomes both delivery individuals and merchants to become part of the fast-growing delivery service. It is an extremely valuable service to both restaurants and those who want to earn an additional income. DoorDash is an effective service that is an intermediary between restaurants and customers, offering service and advantages to both sides as well as drivers earning an income.

Becoming a DoorDasher

To become a DoorDasher you must be minimum 18-years with two years of driving experience. Individuals must have their own transport a vehicle, bike or bicycle. Furthermore a working mobile phone, a valid driver’s license and drivers insurance. Anyone with those requirements, plus a friendly and outgoing personality is welcome to do an online application.

Working as a Dasher

A Dasher can earn as much as they wish with flexibility as Dashers are independent contractors and they could easily earn a minimum of $20 per hour. Dashers have the confidence that they are covered with the commercial auto liability of DoorDash. The DoorDash commercial auto liability ensures property damage to third parties as well as bodily or property damage for auto accidents while making a DoorDash delivery. Other perks in becoming a delivery person with DoorDash includes 100% health, dental and vision cover while earning a competitive salary and equity packages. DoorDashers are fed twice a day while working their deliveries as well as drinks are offered free. Gym memberships are subsidized for drivers working with the delivery company and the flexible hours mean vacation time is never an issue as drivers work when it is suitable to them.

Becoming a DoorDash Partner

The same simple online application that applies to future drivers applies to merchants who want to join DoorDash and a member of DoorDash will contact you. When a merchant list their restaurant on DoorDash it means more exposure to customers and integrated efficiency by offering a service that they did not have.

How to Use DoorDash as Customer

A potential customer enters their address on the DoorDash website and the available list of restaurants that are a DoorDash partner will appear. The approximate delivery times appears next to restaurants and once an order is placed a more accurate time will appear. One of the great features is the scheduling of future orders of up to four days in advance.

Benefits and Features

  • You can access DoorDash anywhere if you have Internet connection, as it is also available on mobile.
  • Customers can plan events and order their meals up to four days in advance.
  • Everything is done online from ordering food, to merchants signing up as well as potential drivers.
  • Corporate ordering
  • Catering options from selected restaurants
  • Gift cards available online and printed after purchase from where the recipient enter the code to the gift card redemption page and the credits will automatically load to their account and redeemed to next orders.
  • Friend referral options with the referral link earning you $5 for each referral link used in an order.
  • DoorDash is in effect a facilitator between restaurants, consumers, and drivers by efficiently routing orders with all the groups involved.
  • Flexible hours for unemployed individuals with transport and good earning potential
  • Instant delivery services for restaurants without the need to employ additional staff and obtaining expensive delivery vehicles and bikes.
  • Customers order their favorite food from their local restaurant that does not have delivery services in place.
  • DoorDash drivers receives two free meals and drinks during the flexible working hours
  • Deliveries every day and every day that your favorite restaurant is open
  • DoorDash App is free to download and available on Android and iPhone
  • Customers open an account via the Door Dash Food Delivery app and order food from hundreds of local restaurants with full menus.
  • Orders are on-demand as well as scheduled for up to four days in advance
  • Payment is done easily and safely via the app with a credit card
  • Order tracking facility
  • The official delivery partner of Taco Bell in over 100 different cities and across 200 stores
  • Great customer service and prompt communication
  • Customers receive a projected delivery time upon viewing the menu as well as an estimated confirmed delivery time after placing and paying for their on-demand order.
  • Large families and groups can order from multiple restaurants in the same order and pay delivery accordingly
  • Drivers are paid a salary from DoorDash, but customer tips are appreciated, as they would have tipped their waiter at a restaurant, although it is not a requirement, but surely appreciated
  • Customers can track orders via their account and checking under Order History to locate and track their specific order
  • Promo codes and updated coupons from online websites and restaurants for delivery and orders from DoorDash
  • Customers, drivers, and merchants have equal trust in the service with the trust they gained in a short period as well as the $20 million investment they gained in funding from large investors such as Ted Zagat, Pejman Mar Ventures, Charles River Ventures Khosla ventures, and Sequoia
  • The only food delivery option that regards all three involved parties as equally important, benefits for drivers, benefits for restaurants as well as benefits in form of convenience and affordability to customers using DoorDash.

Last updated July 18, 2018


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