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The Ultimate Starter’s Guide for Lyft Drivers

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Ridesharing as a career option has really taken off in recent times, with Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, Zipcar and several other services for independent vehicle owners. The same can’t be said about the information around these apps and services.

Lets get started…

If you are ready to learn about the nitty gritty details of getting started with Lyft, then check out each section in more detail below.

Getting Started With Lyft I: Lyft Sign up Bonus

Getting Started With Lyft II: Lyft Vehicle and Driver Requirements

Getting Started With Lyft III: Passing Your Mentor Session and Lyft Welcome Ride

Getting Started With Lyft IV: Lyft Background Check and Preparing for Your First Ride

Getting Started With Lyft V: Your First Week of Lyft Driving

Why do we need this information?

From the moment you sign up for a rideshare service to the moment you get your car on road; from your first income to filing your taxes; there are many questions which need to be answered. Unfortunately, the ‘contact us’ or ‘support’ emails for most of these companies resort to canned responses which deliberately keep the information vague and the answers generic to avoid legal issues.

When I started several months ago, there wasn’t any authentic info out there online. Much of the information answered in forums like Yahoo or Quora are neither accurate, nor well-researched. So I took it upon myself to create this guide, to share all that I have learned (sometimes via harsh lessons of losing money or time!) and hope that it helps others who want to get into rideshare business.

Since it is for newbies, I will take one service at a time. This particular guide will focus on Lyft.

Will there be a guide for other rideshare services as well?

Yes! Guides for Uber and Sidecar would follow soon.

How did you select the frequently asked questions?

We’ve scourged online forums and created an extensive database of most common queries, concerns and grievances. In addition, we also talked to experienced Lyft drivers and tax personnel to assimilate that information as well. While this could serve as great primer for anyone looking to get started with ridesharing, this is particularly well-suited for Lyft drivers.

Creating the Starter’s Guide

We have worked very hard to research, select and customize the information relevant to YOUR stage of the application process.

Thanks to tons of time behind the wheel, our creators will be able to help you get exactly what you need to know before you get behind the wheel yourself as a driver!

In addition we’ve also gone through every page of Lyft’s website to weed out the marketing noise, focusing instead on the action items and real scoop.

What does the Starter’s Guide include?

Several beneficial pieces of information, like:

  1. Links to currently ongoing sign-in bonuses, referral bonuses and other discount offers. (There’s $750 sign-in bonus for select markets in the United States right now, by the way!).

Click here to provide some affiliate support for our website while you sign up.

  1. Rideshare vehicle and driver requirements.
  2. Maximizing your income during your first few weeks on the road.
  3. Working less and earning more during Lyft’s Prime Time pricing and Heat maps.
  4. Mentor Sessions, Welcome rides and Recruiting for Lyft etc.

Basically, this is a one-stop shop for everything you would ever need to know to get started with Lyft, and work smarter (rather than harder) to earn more than the average Lyft driver.

If you have any other questions – from having to wear the ‘giant moustache’ and fist-bumping every customer, to filing your 1099-K – feel free to shoot us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.


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