Uber Cost Estimator (for Riders)

Regardless of whether you’re a driver or passenger, it’s nice to know how much a ride request is going to be. For Uber riders, knowing this information can determine which type of car to use, such as UberPOOL, UberX, or UberBLACK.

For drivers, seeing how much you can earn from a ride beforehand may help determine optimal pickup locations.

To better assist both drivers and riders with identifying the expense of a ride, we’ve incorporated a third-party fare calculator with our own research to bring you a true Uber price estimate. This virtual calculator can make life a bit easier when it comes to determining how much a ride request will cost.

The cost of a ride will depend on various factors, including location, time of day, and where you’re going. Let’s review everything you need to know about the estimator.

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Uber Fare Estimator from Ridester

Ridester’s Uber Fare Estimator is easy to use. All you have to do is enter the ride details of their request, such as pick up point, drop-off location, city, and Uber car type.

Then, click “Estimate Uber Fare” and the widget will start calculating. From there, the tool goes above and beyond the typical fare estimation by displaying data such as:

  • Shareable links (which make it possible for users to show friends the best routes)
  • Up-to-date fare estimates (based on real-time price data from the Uber API)
  • See how far a new Uber user promo code will get you
  • Help riders budget for work travel expenses
  • Optimize driver work routes
  • Discover pricing of other types of Uber ride requests
  • Pick up time estimate
  • Approximate trip time

If that isn’t impressive enough, there’s more. Ridester’s Uber Fare Estimator has two extra tabs available that users can experiment with.

The first one is a newer feature called “City-Based Pricing.” Users can see how the widget arrived at that price using the following categories:

  • Base Fare
  • Minimum Fare
  • Per Minute Fare
  • Per Mile Fare
  • Compare the prices based on distance traveled, time of day, etc.

One of the most popular ways users use this information is by comparing the pricing to Lyft or local taxi services.

Speaking of popularity, the third tab featured in the Uber fare calculator is the “Popular Fare Estimates.” This page displays the most popular, as well as recent, Uber fare estimates. To navigate to this feature, check out the right-hand side of the widget.

Although this does not help you calculate the fare for your Uber trip, it is a fun way to see how others are using the tool as well as where they may be going.

Developers interested in utilizing this tool on their personal website are welcome to do so. Embed the Uber Fare Estimator into your site code using the steps found below.

When you use our widget, you’ll enable your users to get real-time fare estimates from any page you embed the tool in. Plus, you can ensure that visitors get the important Uber-related information they need.

How to Use Our Uber Fare Estimator on Your Site

Ridester created the Uber Fare Estimator so that developers can meet the needs of their users. To do this, Ridester focused on designing the estimator with bloggers and Uber users in mind.

Now, the process of embedding the estimator widget to your website or blog is straightforward. To find out more, simply follow the three-step process located here.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Different Cities?

Taking a peek at how much an Uber is in various cities around the world is intriguing and kind of exciting. Ridester’s Uber Fare Estimator reviews different factors based on each location’s unique information.

Relevant websites can give their users useful information that they can apply in real time. After tinkering with the widget ourselves, we have identified most of the areas where the price for an Uber is the lowest.

In general, the cities where Uber is the cheapest are usually in countries where there are a lot of drivers available.

When this occurs, the average price is affected negatively for drivers and positively for riders. To view areas where Uber is the most affordable (and most expensive), check out our list below.

Most Affordable Cities to Catch an Uber

  • Penang
  • Hanoi
  • Jakarta
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Bandung
  • Surabaya
  • Johor Bahru
  • Ipoh
  • Bali
  • Visakhapatnam

Most Expensive Cities to Catch an Uber

  • The Hamptons
  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg
  • Jersey Shore
  • Florida Keys
  • London
  • Malmo
  • New York City
  • Amsterdam
  • Marseille

As we mentioned above, there are cities where the market is not flush with available drivers. This occurs when there is a high demand for Uber drivers, but not enough drivers to fulfill that need.

When a location experiences a driver shortage, the average price of a ride increases.

Uber Price Estimate Tips and Tricks

Do not miss out! Make sure that you are using the Uber Fare Estimator to its maximum potential.

Capitalize on all the features included in this tool by checking out our list of tips and tricks below.

Share Your Route

Letting your friends know which route to take based on the price can be pretty handy. You’re able to share the information generated by the Uber Fare Estimator due to its data storage function. This is a great way to drop the need to recalculate the info once you have already done it.

This data includes all the basic information, plus a full breakdown of the ride. This means you can check out the route details via a map as well as other in-depth details.

To do so, click on the URL and copy/paste it somewhere safe. You can access this page at any time.

This tool is great for planning get-togethers such as concerts, conferences, and vacations.

Auto-Populating Destinations

This useful feature is for users that have an idea of where they’re going but no solid address.

The widget works with Google Maps to help users search for locations in a fast and efficient manner. In turn, this gives you unprecedented access to the immense database Google Maps has.

Ridester’s Widget vs. Other Uber Cost Estimators

Although there are many widgets that assist with Uber estimates, Ridester’s Uber Fare Estimator goes above and beyond. This all-inclusive widget makes estimation generation easy and somewhat fun to use for anyone.

Bloggers and website owners that choose to make this widget part of their site layout can do so with ease.

Ridester developed a simple HTML code that makes embedding the widget into any site easy. The three-step process takes a few minutes and almost anybody can do it.

Even so, if you find yourself getting confused during the process of embedding the code, we are here to help.

Other than online help and a wide variety of features, the estimator is leagues above the competition in accuracy alone. Ridester’s widget ties into the Uber API, providing always up-to-date data.

In contrast, competitors have a habit of forgoing the API and using outdated stats. To avoid falling into the category of “was once useful,” we update our tools as much as possible.

Widget Updates

Being able to maintain an app is a labor of love. You can always tell when developers lose interest in their creation based on how frequently they update the project.

Ridester has conducted routine maintenance on the widget regularly to ensure it meets user demand.

Ridester updated the Uber Fare Estimator in June of 2017. With the update, users had access to extra features, a better widget design, and a fantastic new layout. Also, Ridester took time to ensure the widget’s functionality, specifically to the embedding process.

After the update, website and bloggers were no longer required to embed a new code every time we altered the estimator. Due to this, users can now set the widget up and never worry about it again.

One of the main areas of improvement was the entire design of the app. For starters, Ridester created a new custom logo for the widget.

This rebranding effort created a new look and feel. To highlight the brand change, they introduced a new color scheme as well.

After confirming that these updates complemented each other, Ridester’s design team directed their focus elsewhere.

The widget’s responsiveness became a top priority for their team. Now, the app responds to the width of a user’s screen size at an approximate 100% pixel ratio.

To improve clarity and navigation, they reworded the text within the widget. Now the text is easier to understand and more user friendly.

uber cost estimator development 768x512

Once they adjusted the design, the development team stepped up. Their first move was to add a live surge map to the widget.

This map covers every city, ride type, and estimated fare based on that area’s current surge pricing. Next, their developers reworked the Popular Fare Estimates tab to ensure all data displayed was accurate.

To top things off, developers wanted a way to meet user’s demand in regards to sharing content. Before the update, users interested in sharing the info generated by the Uber fare price estimator had a rather hard time doing so.

Developers made it possible for users to share estimates directly from the widget.

Get Accurate Uber Price Estimates Today

There are a lot of people that use Uber. A plethora of drivers use the app to earn a living and even more, people use Uber to travel all over. All have one thing in common: they want to make the most of their rideshare experience.

Bloggers and websites can provide this type of content to users regardless of whether the site relates to the rideshare industry.

Ridester’s Uber Fare Estimator pricing widget is an ideal solution for frequent travelers, businesses, or anyone seeking a way to get fare estimates for their next Uber trip.

Due to this fact, more than likely the users of your website will want to use it. They may even thank you for adding it.

So, what are you waiting for? Test out Ridester’s Uber fare estimate tool by embedding it today!

This excellent tool can help you and your visitors with planning, budgeting travel expenses, and so much more.

If you are experiencing any issues while embedding the widget into your website or blog, feel free to reach out to the Ridester team at any time!

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