4 Ways to Contact Uber Customer Service

Taking an Uber is a smooth, easy experience compared to the taxis of yesteryear. There’s more certainty about the final price of the ride, no need to deal with cash, and availability of rides in a much greater number of cities (and areas).

If you do have any issues, you also have more options for recourse. You can rate your driver within the Uber app, which leads to greater accountability for all parties.

Beyond that, there’s also a wide range of options for contacting Uber support if you have specific questions. Most Uber rides happen without any problems for either the passenger or the driver. In the event that you have questions, concerns, or other issues, however, Uber customer service is there to help. Here are the four options you have for contacting them.

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  1. Uber Phone Support
  2. In-App Support
  3. Uber Help Portal
  4. Social Media

1. Uber Phone Support

Since you’re already using your phone to request and use Uber, why not use it to get some support from the company? Uber does have a phone support option available for passengers. However, this phone number is for use in emergencies only. It’s called the critical safety response line, and you can reach it by calling 800-353-8237.

You should understand, however, that the Uber phone number is for emergencies only. Here are some examples of qualifying emergencies:

  • A driver or other passenger is threatening you
  • A serious accident (such as a head-on collision with another vehicle, not a minor fender bender)
  • A medical emergency on the part of you, a fellow passenger, or the driver
  • Any kind of criminal activity that occurs in relation to your ride (such as a driver stealing from you or assaulting you)

In these cases, Uber offers 24/7 live support at the phone number we listed above, and it’s by far the fastest way to contact Uber in an emergency. Of course, in all emergencies your first course of action should be to call 911. After that, however, you can contact the Uber support phone number (assuming that doing so doesn’t jeopardize the safety of you, another passenger, or the driver).

We know the above cases sound extreme, and that’s because they are. You’ll probably never encounter any of these problems when taking Uber. Therefore, you should probably never call the phone support line. Using it for less serious situations will only take up space on the line that Uber could be using to help passengers who are in real emergencies.

Finally, note that the number above only works in the United States. If you need support in a different country, consult the local Uber website to find out the support options available.

We know it would be nice if Uber offered a way for customers to call support for less serious problems, but this isn’t the case at the moment. Don’t worry, though. You still have many other options for contacting Uber about routine questions or issues.

2. In-App Support

For non-emergency questions that require help from a live person, in-app support is the route we recommend. Uber has a sizeable team of support representatives available to help you with issues related to trips you’ve taken.

To access Uber’s in-app support, follow these steps:

1. Go to the “Help” menu within the Uber app

Open the app, and then tap on the menu bar in the upper lefthand corner:

1 Access Uber Menu

From there, tap the item that says “Help”:

2 Select Help

This will show you a variety of help options.

2. Select the trip with which you need help

Within the Help menu, you’ll see the last trip you took with Uber. If this is the one with which you need assistance, then just tap where it says “Report an issue with this trip.”

3 Report an Issue with this Trip

If you need help with another trip, you can tap where it says “Trips and Fare Review.”

5 Additional Support Resources

After that, you can tap on the trip you need help with.

6 List of Past Uber Trips

3. Choose the appropriate Help topic

You should now see a screen that says “Trip Details” at the top. If you scroll down, you’ll be able to choose the Help topic that best describes your issue.

4 List of Help Topics

The following choices are available for getting help:

  • I was involved in an accident
  • Review my fare or fees
  • I lost an item
  • My driver was unprofessional
  • My vehicle wasn’t what I expected
  • I had a different issue
  • I want to report a service animal issue
  • Critical Safety Response Line

These choices give a good idea of the reasons you should contact Uber support. Pay special attention to the “Review my fare or fees,” which is the option you should use if you believe you were incorrectly charged for a ride and want to request a fare adjustment.

Once you tap the support topic, you’ll have the chance to describe your issue in more detail. From there, an Uber representative will get back to you to help (usually within 24–48 hours).

3. Uber Help Portal

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If you have any sort of question about how to use Uber, then the Uber Help Portal is a great place to get the information you need. You can reach it by going to help.uber.com. Once there, you’ll be able to choose from the following help topics related to common support issues:

  • Account and Payment Options — Answers to questions about how to change account settings payment options, and other related topics.
  • A Guide to Uber — How to use Uber, including how to request a trip, take a ride, and how to tip and rate your driver.
  • Signing Up — How to create a rider account, download the app, sign up to drive, and other similar questions.
  • Accessibility — Descriptions of accessibility features within the Uber app, as well as your rights as a disabled rider or driver.
  • More — Legal and privacy questions, how to use Uber at the airport, how to get food delivered with Uber, and other miscellaneous topics.

Within certain Help section topics, you may have the option to contact someone from Uber customer support if you need further help. If this option is available, you’ll see it at the bottom of the specific page. Note that you’ll need to sign in to your Uber account in order to communicate with Uber customer support through the Help Portal.

4. Social Media

If you’re on a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can contact Uber customer support there. Note that this probably isn’t the best way to get help with specific issues, as the support reps can’t access your account info through social media.

However, it can be a good way to make Uber aware of general issues with the app or their company. Uber does take customer feedback into account as they update their app and service offerings, so making your voice heard is never a bad idea (especially if you have a sizeable social media following).

That being said, there is a right and wrong way to reach out to Uber via social media. You should refrain from being rude, profane, or personally attacking the Uber support reps. Just because you’re mad at Uber doesn’t mean you should take it out on the people monitoring the social media accounts.

These people do not have decision-making power at the company, so it’s not productive to blame them for the company’s problems. Instead, be polite and descriptive when you report a problem. They’ll do the best they can to help you.

Here’s a list of social media accounts for Uber:

Note that of these, the Twitter account is the only one specifically geared towards providing Uber support, so that’s likely the best account to start with for support-related questions. For an even faster response, you can try one of the other methods we discuss above.

Get Uber Support How You Need It, When You Need It

We hope you now understand all the options you have for contacting Uber with support queries. Whether you’re in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, or any other city where Uber operates, the above methods are at your disposal as an Uber passenger.

If you’re an Uber driver-partner, you have a few additional options, such as visiting a local Uber Greenlight Hub to receive in-person support. You can learn more about this topic in our guide to contacting Uber driver support.

We also recommend you check out these guides to contacting customer support for Lyft and support for Uber Eats.


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