Best Uber Driver Promo Code 2017 // Uber Driver Promotions and Bonuses

How’d you like to get a massive cash sign-on bonus just for signing up to drive for Uber and completing rides like normal?

Well, consider yourself lucky, because today I’m going to pull back the curtain and share the best way to earn easy money as a new Uber driver by using an Uber driver invite code.

The current Uber driver promotions that the company is running encourage drivers to join the ridesharing app’s army of drivers, and offering huge cash bonuses just for signing up!  If you’re looking to drive, we have all the information you need to know listed below

Uber Driver Promotions for December 2017

If you’re interested, check out the Uber new driver promotion’s details below, as well as the most important piece, the Uber driver invite code:

   Best Uber Driver Invite Code:


Use code at signup to claim massive sign-on bonus for new drivers

To claim the huge signup bonuses Uber is currently offering new drivers, simply click the link above and the bonus will be automatically applied to your account. After finishing the application and getting approved to drive, earning the bonus is as easy as completing the bonus requirements for your city’s new Uber driver promotion. Once those requirements are complete, the bonus will automatically be paid out to your driver account and you’ll have extra cold hard cash in your pocket.

Note: For the exact details of what your city’s bonus amount and requirements are, please contact your local team, or refer to the application link above. Uber keeps those things under wraps pretty well, so please contact them directly if you need more information.

 Current Uber Driver Promotions

Uber is currently running a few different promotions for new Uber drivers. The first is their standard sign-on bonus, and the amount varies depending on which city you sign up in. The second is better, however. If you have experience driving with another ridesharing company such as Sidecar or Lyft, you may be eligible for the Uber promotion for Lyft drivers.

1. Standard Uber new driver promotion

The standard promotion for new Uber drivers in 2017 gives a pretty big bonus to new Uber drivers. Unlike their promotion for existing Lyft drivers (see # 2), applicants for this promotion do not need to have previous ride sharing experience. This promotion is great because it rewards new Uber partners for just signing up and giving rides. That is pretty easy money if you ask me.

   New Uber Driver Sign-up Promotion

Use Uber Driver Referral Code Link:

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Bonus Details

Uber’s standard sign-on bones pay well, and are a great way to recruit new drivers and increase driver supply. However, these bonuses heavily depend on the city you are signing up in, and change quite often. The neat thing is that the Uber driver invite code you use when applying isn’t specific to a certain city, meaning you could use my code in New York, California, or Nebraska and the bonus would automatically be calculated depending on your city.

To be eligible for this new Uber driver bonus, you must meet a few requirements:

  • You must be at least 21 years old, have a clean driving record, and pass a background check
  • You must drive a car that is in good condition, have at least 4 doors, and be no older than 2005
  • In addition, you must also have an iPhone 4s or newer, or an Android 2013 or newer

What are you waiting for? If you meet these requirements, and have never driven for a rideshare service such as Uber, then mash the “Apply Now” button below to claim this bonus.


2. Uber promotion for Lyft drivers

The best promotion that Uber is currently running is the new Uber driver sign-on bonus for existing Lyft drivers, which aims to recruit Lyft drivers to drive for Uber. The idea is simple, offer a cash bonus and poach currently Lyft drivers to become Uber drivers, reducing competition.

Bonus Details

December 21, 2017 Update: As far as we know, Uber is not running this promotion in every city. They have been very vague with us recently about this bonus, and we suspect they are either in the process of cutting it out, or have done so alltogether already. We’ll keep trying to get an answer, but the best thing to do would be email your local team and see if they’re offering this promotion in your city.

The Uber bonus for existing Lyft drivers is harsh for Lyft, but great for existing Uber drivers who want some extra cash and additional demand. There are many Lyft drivers who sign up to drive for Uber, then still continue driving for Lyft. You can do both, and will still get the bonus so long as you meet a few requirements.

Uber Driver Bonus For Existing Lyft Driver Requirements

Lyft drivers looking to sign up are eligible for the largest Uber driver bonus if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Sign up through this Uber new driver application link
  2. Send proof of having driven with Lyft prior to March 31, 2015
  3. Get the bonus after they take 20 rides!

It is worth noting that the new Uber driver sign-on bonuses are double sided, meaning that the referee AND the referrer both get paid. So if a driver refers a friend to drive, and that friend fulfills the criteria outlined at signup, both drivers will get a bonus!

Minute Changes

If you pay attention to Uber’s driver promotions, you may have noticed that new Uber drivers with Lyft experience used to only have to take 1 trip in order to get the bonus. Why did they raise the amount of trips? Well, Lyft ran a promotion for new drivers that offered similar amounts, and the demand was overwhelming. So in return Uber raised the amount of trips to make it harder for drivers to get the bonus. However, it is still very doable as long as you stay committed.

I know plenty of drivers who switched to Uber, got the cash bonus, then kept driving for Lyft. Now is a great time to apply for Uber, use the Uber driver invite code in the link, and get the bonus! Uber treats their drivers well, and demand it pretty steady most of the time. There is really nothing to lose!

   Uber Sign-up Bonus For Lyft Drivers

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 How to apply to drive for Uber

Applying to drive for Uber is pretty easy. As long as you meet the vehicle requirements and have all of your ducks in a row, you will be good to go. If you need to stop at any point during the application, Uber saves all your information. If you forgot something, don’t worry, they have you covered while you get it.

Step 1 - Apply through the official Uber driver application link

The first step in the Uber driver application process is to visit the Uber driver application page and fill out some basic information. This includes your full name, email, phone number, city, referring Uber driver invite code (very important) as well as the password for the Uber account you will be creating.

It is important that you enter the Uber driver invite code by visiting the link above. If you don’t enter an Uber invite code, you will not get your new driver referral bonus.
As you can see, the code will automatically populate when you click the link above. However, if it does not, enter the invite code into the section labeled as “Invite Code (optional)” then proceed with the application process.


Step 2 - Create an Uber account

Creating an Uber account is the next step you will encounter when applying to drive with Uber. This step will set up your partner dashboard, which allows you to track earnings, rides, promotions, and much more.

Step 3 - Fill out your vehicle information

Your vehicle information includes insurance, year, make, model, and pictures of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This will help riders identify your vehicle when you pull up, which gives riders clarity and is another way to prevent the wrong riders from getting in your car.

Step 4 - Submit to a background check

You will need to submit to a background check that will decide whether or not you can drive. If your record is clean, you have nothing to worry about. If you have a DUI, felony, or other serious mark on your record, however, you will not be eligible to drive.

Step 5 - Get the driver app

Unlike driving for Lyft, the Uber driver and passenger app are totally separate. You will need to download the driver app and get that set up in this step, which Uber will walk you through and get you going in no time!

Step 6 - Upload photos of documents
Step 7 - Watch the Uber driver training videos then wait to hear back

Before you can hear back on whether you were approved or not, Uber will require you to watch an Uber driver training video series. These are what Uber calls their “Uber Partner Information Videos” and give you an idea of how Uber works and what to expect when picking up riders. For your reference, I have included them below, condensed into one video.

Importance of using an invite code for Uber drivers

You may be asking yourself why it is so important to use a promo code for Uber drivers when signing up for the current Uber driver promotions. After all, we have emphasized that point quite a few times already. Well, if you don’t use one when you sign up to drive, Uber won’t grant you a bonus! I found at the hard way; Uber has no way of granting retroactive credit to existing drivers, so once you sign up, its all or nothing.

So make sure to use our Uber invite code, a promo code for new Uber drivers. Better yet, follow the link above when you apply and the code will automatically be applied so you don’t even have to worry about it!

Why drive for Uber?

Driving for Uber is a great way to make extra money on your own clock. Unlike working at a traditional job, Uber allows drivers to log onto the app whenever they want, and drive for however long they want, using their own vehicles. Driving for Uber is a fun and rewarding way to make extra income, allowing you to improve your social, networking, and driving skills all at the same time.

Uber is currently the fastest-growing driving opportunity in the world. After being pitted against other driving jobs like taxis, semis, buses and others, Uber came out ahead, by a long shot. And it isn’t a surprise why; Uber gives drivers total freedom to essentially run their own businesses using their own cars!

 What are the requirements to drive?

Like any job, driving for Uber has strict requirements that applicants must qualify for to apply. These include license and insurance stipulations, as well as a few other requirements that are specific to the type of Uber you want to drive. Driving passengers is a big liability and carries serious responsibility, so the right skills, knowledge, and training are key to success.

Car requirements

The car requirements for Uber will depend on what city you apply in. But to drive with Uber you will need a car that is year 2000 or newer, or 2005 or newer. Drivers will need to make sure their cars are in good working order and all the safety features work. This includes lights, seatbelts, doors, windows, and pretty much everything else that will make riders comfortable and safe.

Drivers will also need to be at least 21 years old, able to pass a mandatory background check, and have a personal license registration and insurance policy in their own name.

License Requirements

Whether you want to drive for UberX, UberTaxi, or any other type, you must first have a standard DMV-issued driver’s license. As you may know, these are very easy to get and can normally be gotten at age 16. If you want to drive for something besides UberX, however, Uber has stricter requirements. Many of the more advanced Uber drivers must have a CDL, which usually means that they have a much more advanced set of skills and knowledge of their vehicles.

Insurance Requirements

As for insurance, Uber will require UberX drivers to have a coverage policy so that if anything happens both the drivers AND the passengers will be covered. Insuring Uber drivers is still a slippery slope, as ride sharing is still a pretty new industry. For the time being though, Uber requires drivers to have some form of insurance.

According to Uber’s official website, “Some form of insurance is required for all driving professions but the type varies based on which one you chose. Minimum coverage requirements and insurance types are set by the state and DMV. Make sure to learn more about insurance requirements once you choose your driving path.

If you choose Uber, you’ll be driving your own car, which means you’ll at least need to have personal auto insurance. Uber maintains industry-leading coverage and $1MM of commercial auto coverage on every rideshare trip with special commercial insurance specifically designed fo ridesharing (10). Here’s a quick overview of how insurance with Uber works:”

 How much do Uber drivers make?

Uber is currently the fastest-growing driving opportunity in the world. Uber drivers make, on average, more per hour than any other driving job. This includes Taxi, bus, delivery truck, courier, and chauffeur drivers.

Breakdown of Uber driver earnings vs similar jobs

Uber driver income

Uber drivers can make pretty good money by first, driving. Fares are calculated on a series of factors, including time, distance and some miscellaneous fees. Uber takes a 20% cut of all fares, and drivers get to keep the rest. Demand is pretty steady most of the time, meaning you can easily clear a couple hundred dollars a night if you know where to camp out.

At first I drove all around town chasing the demand, but have since learned one of the easiest ways to make money Uber driving is to camp out near large events that other drivers don’t know about. Or, while all the other drivers are sitting outside a big event like a concert, I go and drive on the opposite side of town where there is more demand. It is a big game, and if you know how to play it, you will do very very well for yourself.


The other earning methods, and most lucrative in my opinion, is the referral program that Uber currently has in place. Similar to many other affiliate programs, Uber will award drivers with cash when they refer their friends to drive or ride with Uber. These cash bonuses are a VERY good and easy way to make quite a bit of money. So how do these bonuses work? Bonuses are broken down into two sections:

Uber driver referral code

Uber drivers have a promo code that they can use to refer drivers to Uber. As we touched on above, these referral bonuses are double sided, meaning both the new driver and the referring driver get a bonus! So for every new Uber driver that an existing driver refers, they both get cold hard cash.

Drivers can share their Uber driver referral code with their friends, family, or random strangers. If that referral signs up to drive and meets the requirements, they get the bonus. I have earned thousands of dollars through referring people to the app, and can tell you that it is pretty easy money as long as you are willing to grind for it.

Uber passenger invite code

The passenger promo code is the same as the driver code, making the referral process much easier. Right now, Uber gives drivers cash for every new rider they refer, so just by casually mentioning Uber in a conversation can earn you quite a bit of extra coin.

Thoughts from a real driver

Uber Driver Review 

Uber Driver Review
  • Pay - 95%
  • Convenience - 100%
  • Demand - 85%
  • Passengers - 100%
  • Driver App - 100%
  • Support - 100%


I wrote this Uber driver review from my perspective, a real-life Uber driver. I have given quite a few rides in my time, and I have seen a lot, giving me experience that allows me to review the Uber app in a detail from a non-biased perspective.

96.7 %


The amount of money you make depends entirely on which type of Uber you drive. I drive for UberX, so I make the least when compared to other drivers who drive a Mercedes or SUV. I can’t complain though, for only working a few hours every weekend, I pull in quite a good take. I make money in two ways; 1) driving for Uber, and 2) passenger and driver referrals.

As you can see, I drove quite a bit according to this week’s pay statement. I made $118.85 in ride fares, but you will also notice that I made $400 in driver referrals. Uber does a pretty good job of compensating drivers if they are willing to work. I will break both of these methods down below.


I make money driving just a few hours every weekend. I like to have a good time with friends, but I also like making money. So how do I balance this? I do both! I drive for Uber a few hours, then I go out with my friends after I am done driving.

When I drive for Uber, I make most of my money when SURGE pricing is on. When passenger demand is high and there aren’t many drivers on the road, the prices increase. It sucks for the riders, but is awesome for the drivers. The other day, during a massive event that came to town, I made $150 in a single trip that only took 10 minutes to complete.


Uber’s driver referral program is awesome. Uber pays new drivers huge cash bonuses when the applicant uses an Uber driver promo code, and some extra cash for every new passenger that an existing driver refers.


The convenience that driving for Uber offers is pretty much unmatched. Driving for Uber gives me the ability to quite literally make money whenever I want. All I have to do is log into the driver app and start taking requests. Making money is as easy as simply pressing a button.

The thing I like most about it is that I don’t have a boss, I can drive my own car, and I don’t have a schedule to stick to. If I start driving then decide to go meet up with my friends, I can. I have total freedom to make money on my own schedule. It is awesome.


The demand that I have experienced has really just depended on when and where I drive. Uber is relentlessly recruiting tons of drivers, so in theory, I thought the more they recruit, the less busy I will become. That isn’t the case though because for each driver they recruit, an existing driver stops driving. So driver retention is essentially a revolving door that never closes.

For the most part, though, I try to drive on weekends and during big events that I am not attending. This pushes SURGE to its limit and allows me to maximize my driving time. I usually start the night by driving for a few hours, and if it isn’t worth my time, I go out with friends. But I will tell you, there have been nights where I am making so much money that I just power through the trips and laugh all the way to the bank the next day.


The Good:

My experience with Uber passengers has been pretty good so far. I have had good rides and bad rides, but overall people treat me and my car with respect. The people I usually pick up tend to be the first-adopter types, loving technology and creative destruction. They are usually great for conversation and definitely fun people to be around. Businessmen are also fond of the service, and I have networked quite a bit just through those rides.

The Bad:

As with anything, there’s the bad. I once had a guy light up a joint in my car so I had to dump him on the side of the road. I have had plenty of couples fight in my car and pull me into the mix. I have also had awkward people who just sit there and don’t say a word. Yeah, I have pretty much seen it all.

Driver App

The Uber driver app is very easy to use, and is dumbed down, and bare bones, making getting requests insanely simple. When a request comes in, you simply accept or reject it. If you accept it, you follow the turn-by-turn directions to the passenger, then press a button and it will inform the rider of your arrival. When they get in the car, you begin the trip and then end it when you arrive. Simple!

The only problem I have had with the app is that every time I open it, the app plays a little sound for some odd reason. I don’t know why Uber would make this happen, but it closes Spotify to do it. This is a minor issue, but I have to restart Spotify every single time I open the Uber app, which gets pretty frustrating after the 10th time of doing it in a night.


Uber is pretty good about supporting drivers, but they only provide an email to contact support. There is no phone number, which can get very frustrating. But with big issues they are usually always very responsive and will get in touch right away when something goes wrong!

Uber Driver Portal

Once you sign up to drive with Uber and become an approved driver, you will have access to the Uber Driver Portal. This portal is where you will sign in to accept rides, and will be able to view vehicle information, trip history, earnings, and your own Uber driver promo code. This is a convenient place to find all the resources you will need when driving.

Uber Driver FAQ

Question 1: How long does the Uber driver background check take?

View Answer
Background checks for new Uber drivers take anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Usually results are received in two days, but be patient if they are not; they will come before you know it.

Question 2: Can Uber drivers also drive for Lyft or Sidecar?

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This is the answer Uber doesn’t want you to know. Yes, Uber drivers can drive for other rideshare services like Lyft or Sidecar. Running two separate apps at the same time can decrease downtime and increase earnings.

A benefit of doing so is that you may hit SURGE or Prime Time pricing more than you would driving for just one. For example, I was driving the other night and SURGE was not on. I flipped Lyft on, and Prime Time was on. I doubled my rate for the trips that I normally would have gotten normal pricing for. Not a bad way to do it if you ask me.

Helpful Tip – If you have Uber and Lyft running at the same time, make sure to have Uber open on your phone screen and Lyft running in the background. If you don’t do this, Uber will exit automatically and log you out of driver mode. As of this writing, Lyft does not close automatically.

Question 3: Can other people, such as family or friends, drive my car for Uber?

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 Yes, as long as the person driving your car is on the same insurance policy as you and have their own Uber account. For example, if a husband and wife share a car and want to both drive for Uber, they can sign up for their own accounts and use that car, as long as they are both listed on the insurance policy and vehicle paperwork.

Question 4: Can Uber drivers accept cash tips?

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 According to Uber, no. There is a lot of confusion surrounding if Uber passengers should tip their drivers. Their website states”There is no tip with Uber. The Uber experience means not having to reach for a wallet at the end of a ride. As a result, we message to riders that tipping is not required – we never want riders to feel obligated to pay extra at the end of Uber trips. If a rider offers a tip, please remind that them that tipping is not necessary with Uber. New riders may not know that there is no tip with Uber and could feel cheated if they later learn that tipping was not required. However, if the rider still insists, you can accept the tip.”

My take on tipping: Screw that. If a person wants to be nice and give me a tip, then so be it.. I am not going to say no. Now I agree that drivers should not pressure riders into tipping. I have had that happen and it is actually pretty uncomfortable. But as I said, I am not going to tell somebody no if they pull out a few bucks from their wallet and hand it to me.

The main idea is not to be pushy here and you will likely get tipped pretty well as long as you don’t infer or suggest it.

Question 5:  What happens if I forget to begin an Uber trip with a passenger?

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 Don’t freak out, Uber can adjust the fare for you after the trip. They will initially tell you there is nothing they can do, but then will adjust it shortly after. Forgetting to start a trip looks very bad on the driver, so avoid this whenever possibly. but it happens, so when it does just reach out to your local team and let them know the situation.

Question 6: Can Uber drivers rate customers?

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Yes, after every ride Uber drivers can rate customers. This is a way for drivers to balance the scales, and let corporate and other drivers know about problem-prone passengers. After every ride, a 5-star rating page pops up. You can rate the passenger between one and five stars and say something about the trip.

Was a passenger nice, courteous, and fun to be around? Rate them 5 stars! Were they rude, obnoxious, or disrespectful of your property? Give them only one star and you won’t be paired with them again.

Question 7: What do Uber drivers wear?

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 Uber drivers wear clothing that is all across the board. Your attire will largely depend on what type of Uber you are driving and the Uber vehicle requirements for that type. An uberX driver will wear casual clothes while driving their own car, while an uberBlack driver will wear a suit and tie while driving their luxury car.

The dress code will be outlined in the driver requirements and training videos when you sign up to drive.

Question 8: Do Uber drivers pay taxes? 

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 I am not an accountant so I won’t go into too much detail about taxes. In short, though, Uber drivers DO get taxed, and will receive a W-2 at the end of the year that details how much they made, miles driven, etc… You can usually deduct expenses like gas, maintenance and miles driven when you itemize your taxes. For more tax information, talk to an accountant or tax professional. Really though, talk to somebody who knows otherwise you may end up paying way more in taxes than you need to.

Also see our Friendly Guide To Rideshare Taxes for a full in-depth breakdown of what to expect when filing your rideshare taxes.

Question 9: What is the best phone mount for Uber drivers to use?

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The best phone case for drivers to check out is the Kenu Airframe. This mount attaches directly to your car’s air vent, allowing the phone to be cooled while accessible at the same time. The $18 mount is worth every single peny, and is not like other cheaper options. It is build with the most durable materials that will let you rest assured that it will not break after a few uses. Seriously, this thing is awesome. Go get one, you won’t regret it.

Question 9: How can I become more efficient as a driver? Anything for this that you recommend?

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 Absolutely. Give SherpaShare a try. SherpaShare leverages powerful analytics to help drivers become more efficient when driving, and is incredibly useful when filing taxes. It keeps track of mileage, tells you where the best spots to drive are, and so much more.

The best part? SherpaShare is completely and totally free! You really can’t beat free.

Over to you

Thanks for taking the time to read. Hopefully you’ve found a lot of useful information and are well on your way to becoming an Uber driver. Now it’s your turn. If you’ve claimed your Uber driver invite code, have something to add about signing up to drive, or simply a story from the road, we want to know! Leave it in the comments below and we’ll take a look. Thanks!
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