Uber Eats Promo Code, And (How To Earn Credit For Existing Users)

When it comes to rideshare services, Uber is one of the most recognized companies in the industry. This did not happen by chance.

Over the last decade, Uber has worked hard to evolve beyond expectations. Uber provides a low-stress transportation solution to riders, while allowing drivers financial freedom.

To meet the ever-growing demand of consumers, Uber has branched out of the rideshare industry and into the world of delivering delicious food. Dubbed Uber Eats, this service offers drivers a novel way to earn cash and users a unique way to get food from their favorite restaurants delivered to their door. From fast food staples like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut to your favorite new restaurant around the block, Uber Eats can deliver it.

Although this new way of running a business is not directly related to the rideshare industry, it does involve the deployment of drivers.

Due to this and Uber’s dedicated fleet already in place, the only thing left to do is to generate customers. Which is why this on-demand food delivery service is offering a special coupon code to new users.

This is fantastic news! Being able to use Uber Eats is a time-saving option on its own, but adding opportunities to save money on top of that is icing on the cake.

Keep reading for a money-saving coupon code good towards a free first delivery, plus learn how to apply the promotion and how to use Uber Eats. All codes in this guide are verified and currently working.


How to Use Uber Eats

Uber Eats is the rideshare giant’s take on a food delivery service. Every day, busy individuals scramble about trying to make time for meal preparation.

Regardless of whether individuals choose to pack a lunch or take the risk of going out for food, this normal task somehow ends up being stressful.

That’s where Uber Eats comes in. Customers can use the app or go online to place an order for some scrumptious food. The number of participating restaurants varies by city, which will prevent most foodies from getting bored.

Once a user has picked out their meal, a driver receives the order. When this info shows up on a driver’s smartphone they have the option to accept the delivery. If they do, the driver’s next step is to head over to the restaurant. Depending on how slammed the restaurant is, the driver may arrive to find the order completed or almost done.

Even so, whoever accepted the order and picked it up will drive to the user’s location and deliver the meal. In some areas, the user may have to walk outside to pick up the food.

Despite this, if you are in one of those areas and want to have your food delivered indoors, there is one workaround available to achieve this. Tip the driver extra cash ahead of time and leave a message about coming indoors.

Chances are if the tip is worth foregoing the Uber rule, drivers will do it.

Promo Code for Uber Eats

Tipping your delivery driver is a fantastic idea. Using a code to lower the price of the service and passing that savings on to the driver are borderline genius.

Almost everyone knows how good it feels to have pizza delivered to your door. Now imagine if that meal was your favorite food from a local restaurant instead. Awesome, right?

Back to the promo code. Uber Eats has a special promotion giving all new users a free first delivery. Users interested in treating themselves to a delicious meal can get a total savings that’s worth the few extra steps.

Promo Code: NOMMIN2
Credit Amount: $3 off each of your first 3 orders with Uber Eats
Minimum Dollar Amount: N/A
Expiration Date: 30 days from application

Bear in mind, this discount offer will only work for first-time users, meaning people who have never used the on-demand food delivery service before. So, if you are not a new user, the code will not work.

There are two ways to redeem the code. How you choose to do this will depend on how you want to use Uber Eats, either on a computer at ubereats.com or via the mobile app. Keep in mind, the code does have an expiration date.

This means that if you create a new account and enter in the promo code but do not use it for a while, the discount will no longer be valid.

Uber implements this rule to confirm that those using the code are actually new users rather than someone trying to scam the system.

Due to the possibility of missing out on this opportunity, it is important that you use the code as soon as possible. When browsing the selection of restaurants and their menu options, be sure to add the promo code before you decide to place a food order. Doing so after you place an order will not work.

How to Input the Uber Eats Promo Code

To claim the Uber Eats coupon code, the first step is to either go to the website and login or download the app. If you are visiting the website for the first time, make a new account.

Once you sign up and log in, before placing your Uber Eats order, enter this code “NOMMIN2” into the promotions section when it appears.

For those who want to use the Uber Eats app, you can download the app via Google Play or the Apple Store. Once it’s installed and you have created your account, select the Payments option.

Look for the area that says “add Uber Eats code.” From there, enter “NOMMIN2” in the text box and hit apply to add the discount to your account.

Be sure to confirm that the promo code applied to your account once you enter it in. To achieve this, start by tapping the profile icon. This image is at the bottom of the main screen.

Once the next screen has loaded, select the Promotions option. When this page loads, you will notice two main headers.

The headline you want to focus on is the one that says Active Promotions. Usually, this will appear at the top of the page if you are using the app. Below this header, you will be able to review promotion codes that are active on your account.

Details will include the code expiration date and which country you can use it in.

As for the second header, it will say “Past Promotions.” This headline shows up under the Active Promotion section. Depending on your device, this may change. This area will let users know if a code has expired or if it’s been redeemed.

New users interested in trying Uber Eats should use the promo code above before February 1, 2019. By being a new user, you can treat yourself to a nice, warm meal delivered to you. Plus, this is a great way to see what the food delivery industry is all about.

Get Food Delivered for Free

Sure, past promotions like getting a $10 discount off your order for treating yourself to an exciting experience is a pretty sweet deal. But what if you could have your meal delivered for free instead?

Depending on where you live, there may be the better promo code for you to use if you have a hankering for a particular meal located far away.

If you find yourself craving a specific comfort food but usually do not indulge due to how far away the restaurant is, Uber Eats has your back. They offer customers a specific promo code that makes it possible to have their meal delivered for free.

You may have seen an offer that sounds similar to the discount we were reviewing before. Usually, Uber Eats offers this particular promotion via social media channels. These marketing efforts serve as a way to attract new users to the platform.

There’s a chance users will take advantage of the offer immediately, depending on how hungry they are.

For new users, choosing between the free delivery option and promo discount code is a tough choice. Users will need to think about how far away the restaurant they want to order from is and decide if it’s worth it.

The reason we recommend doing this is due to how users are charged for the delivery. Each Uber Eats delivery fee will vary based on location and traffic. Depending on your area, the average delivery fee can range between $5 and $8. Add to this the standard per-mile fee and your order can start to add up.

Besides, if you are ordering locally and your driver does not have to journey far, you may want to use the promo code.

Existing Users Get Promos, Too

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So, you decided to try out Uber Eats in the past, and you got that sweet discount off your first order. But those two $5 coupons are long gone, you can’t get a free first delivery any more, and it looks like other discounts are never going to be available. Uber feels your pain.

They make it possible for you to be rewarded for being an Uber Eats user. This deal lasts long after the initial discounts and promotions have expired.

To take advantage of this offer, existing users work with Uber Eats behind the scenes to generate new customers. Referral codes come in handy here. These randomized sequences of letters and numbers can be given to other users in an attempt to recruit them.

When new users apply your code and order food, something wonderful occurs. You and the other person earn credits towards a new order. This is a great way to spread the word about Uber Eats, get rewarded for doing so, and help your friends and family reap the benefits, too.

Do not pass up this opportunity. There is a reason why this type of referral code system is in place — because it works. Encouraging others to use Uber Eats increases industry growth, which also improves the odds of them being able to attract new users.

If someone is already thinking about trying Uber Eats, and they see your referral code, it may give them push they need to sign up. To begin the referral program the first step is to figure out what your unique code is.

If you’re a new user and haven’t already used a referral code, you can do so using the code NOMMIN2. You can use any code, but we’d appreciate if you used ours, as it gives us a small bonus for referring you to the platform. Every signup helps us offset the cost of running this site.

Existing users who would like to find out this information should review the menu options.

Under the Promotions option, there should be one that says “Free Food.” You can make this selection or scroll to the bottom of the screen. There you should notice an ad that says something like “get your first order delivered for free.”

Think about it. Every time someone uses your referral code, you both get a useful credit added to the account. Although the average amount added to your account is about $5, this amount may be higher or lower depending on your location.

Over time, the monetary amount added to your account can start to add up, saving you a ton of money off Uber Eats orders. So, the next question is how to get your code out there. How do you get people to actually use it?

We recommend getting creative. Social media works great, but is very popular. Due to this, if you want to be successful, you will have to think outside the box.

Some of you may be thinking about using pay-per-click options, such as Google Ads. Go ahead and bypass this altogether. Using the promo code in areas akin to Adwords is not allowed by those platforms.

Beyond the options we have mentioned thus far, anything goes. Feel free to post your code on online forums you frequent and websites where you can post articles or leave comments.

You can even take the chance of getting the word out in a non-digital way. That’s right. Existing users can attract new users by hanging up or handing out flyers to potential customers.

Make this topic your go-to conversation at parties or use it to strike up a conversation with a potential new friend.

If you are an Uber driver and an existing Uber Eats user, mention the service to your passengers when giving your next Uber ride.

Hooking people up with a great deal is a fantastic way to improve your customer service skills, make new relationships, and earn loads of rewards for doing so in the process.

Plus, frequent Uber Eats users can reduce how much money they are spending over time if they are able to get enough people to use their unique referral code. They say there’s no such thing as a free meal, but strategic use of your Uber Eats promo code will get you pretty darn close.

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