Uber Rules: Can You Bring Your Dog Along For A Ride?

If a rider wants to bring their pet dog somewhere with Uber, they have to know the policy on animals.

Some pet owners who don’t own cars rely on Uber to bring their dogs to the vet, the dog park, or doggie playdates. While there are no official outward restrictions about bringing pets along, there are a few unwritten rules among rideshare drivers.

Uber Rules for Your Furry Friend

Here are some of the Uber rules riders need to know about bringing their dogs into an Uber.

1. The Decision Lies with the Driver

Uber rules officially state that the decision to take pets into an Uber relies on the discretion of the driver.

A driver has the right to refuse entry to a rider with a dog if they so wished, and the reason for refusal varies from driver to driver.

Some might have a phobia of dogs. Others simply might not like the idea of having a dog in their car. Whatever the reason, the driver can choose to either let in or deny entry to a rider with a dog.

2. Behaved Dogs are a Plus

Behaved Dogs are a Plus | Uber Rules | Can You Bring Your Dog Into An Uber?
If a passenger wishes to bring their dog to an Uber ride, they must be responsible enough for the welfare of both the dog and the vehicle.

Riders must remember that Uber drivers drive private vehicles, which means they have higher standards than taxis. Therefore, dog owners who want to bring their furry friends must ensure that their dogs will behave throughout the trip.

A well-behaved dog is a sign of a responsible dog owner. Uber drivers will be more at ease when they see their riders’ dogs being good boys.

3. Keep It Clean

Like we said, Uber drivers are private car owners. As such, riders should keep the car clean when they ride in it. This is why Uber can charge cleaning fees to the rider– to discourage them from making a mess. However, even with this rule, it inconveniences the driver to have to end their driving schedule prematurely just to take their car to the cleaners.

Dog owners who wish to take their pets on an Uber ride must be responsible for cleaning up after them too. It is advised that dog owners bring towels and newspapers to keep seats clean and avoid exorbitant cleaning fees.

4. Bring Pet Carriers

Though not exactly stated in official Uber rules, this tip is appreciated — even expected — by some Uber drivers. If a rider’s dog has a pet carrier, this highly increases the chances that an Uber driver will allow them into the vehicle.

Having pet carriers will greatly minimize the shedding that inevitably follows dogs around. If a rider’s dog has a crate or is small enough to fit in a carrier bag, it’s best to bring them along inside the carriers. Riders must remember that drivers depend on their cleanliness for their 5-star ratings.

5. Tip Your Driver

Tipping, for the most part, is never expected but very much appreciated. Drivers would certainly appreciate it even more if they allow a rider with a dog into their car. Drivers letting dogs into their Uber cars are doing riders a favor. Therefore, it’s only fair that riders compensate drivers for their trouble.

After all, maintaining a car is hard work, and it’s made doubly harder by having pets in the car. Drivers appreciate a tip for this favor. Tipping encourages drivers to let more dogs into their cars in the future.

My Thoughts

Uber rules state that letting dogs into Uber rides is at the discretion of the driver, so tt’s best if riders inform their drivers beforehand to clearly establish that they will be bringing their pet along.

Also, riders must ensure that their dogs will be well-behaved throughout the trip. Making a mess and not cleaning up after the dog will discourage drivers from taking in pets in the future.

In short, riders should just be mindful of how their pets behave when riding an Uber.

Now that the unwritten Uber rules are clear, what would happen if dogs drove Uber cars? Gregory Baskwell can tell you!

Drivers, do you have any rules about dogs in your Uber car? Post them in the comments!

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