Uber Sign-Up Bonus for Drivers

Working as an Uber driver is a great way to make extra cash while having a flexible schedule. The main way to earn money as an Uber driver is through passenger fares. You give someone a ride, they pay for it, Uber takes their cut and you get to keep the rest.

However, passenger fares are not the only way to earn. Another way to make even more cash is the Uber sign-up bonus for drivers. In this article we’ll explore what it is, why it matters and how to claim it. We’ll also examine some example bonus amounts for several U.S. cities so that you can see just how valuable this sign-up bonus can be.

What Is the Uber Driver Sign-Up Bonus?

Uber Sign-Up Bonus for Drivers

When Uber enters a new market, they need to make sure they have enough drivers for their service to be usable. If they don’t, then passengers will either abandon the service because they can’t find a ride, or get frustrated because the lack of drivers forces them to pay surge charges. Uber doesn’t want customers to abandon their platform for a competitor such as Lyft, so ensuring there are enough drivers is of paramount importance.

To keep the driver supply high, Uber has created incentives to encourage new drivers to sign up for the service. These incentives come in the form of sign-up bonuses. In exchange for giving a certain number of rides within a set amount of time, Uber will guarantee you a particular amount of pay. If you earn less than that amount on the rides you give, Uber will make up the difference.

The guaranteed amount varies from city to city, but in general it will be higher in markets where Uber is either new, expanding or having difficulty getting enough drivers. To show you how valuable the bonus can be, here are some real examples from several U.S. cities:

City Guarantee Per Trip Trips in 30 Days Total Guarantee
San Jose $10.25 100 $ 1,025
Silicon Valley $10.25 100 $ 1,025
Northern Jersey $10.00 50 $ 500
Seattle $8.13 40 $ 325
Denver $8.00 50 $ 400
Dallas $7.00 50 $ 350
Chicago $7.33 75 $ 550
Atlanta $6.25 20 $125

As you can see, you don’t receive the bonus in one lump sum. Uber did give bonuses of this sort in the early days of the platform, but they found that too many drivers were abandoning the platform after claiming the bonus. By using guaranteed amounts instead, Uber can ensure that drivers will stick around (at least for a bit longer than they would otherwise).

How to Get the Uber Sign-Up Bonus for Drivers

Uber won’t give the new driver sign-up bonus to just anyone. To make sure you get it, you’ll need to meet a few requirements:

1. Sign Up Using a Referral Code

The first step to claiming the new driver bonus is to sign up using a driver referral code. You can get one of these from any current Uber driver. If you don’t know any Uber drivers, you can also sign up using our code: PRGEY.

To ensure that the code gets automatically applied, click the link above. While you can also type the code in manually when you apply to drive for Uber, we don’t recommend it — it’s too easy to forget or make an error. Clicking the link will ensure that the code is automatically applied to your account.

2. Get Accepted to Drive for Uber

Next, Uber needs to accept your application. You’ll need to pass a background check and DMV check, plus have a car that meets the Uber vehicle requirements. You’ll also need to meet the other basic Uber driver requirements such as being at least 21 years old, having a valid driver’s license, having at least one year of driving experience and having current vehicle insurance.

You’ll receive an email from Uber letting you know if they’ve accepted your application (or, if they reject your application, the reasons for rejection).

3. Meet the Bonus Requirements

Assuming you get accepted to drive, you’re now ready to start earning the bonus. Note that the clock is now ticking — you have a limited amount of time to give the required number of rides before the bonus expires. Uber is very strict about this, so be sure that you’re giving rides regularly. You can check your progress towards completing the bonus using the Uber driver app.

4. Collect the Bonus

As long as you follow the steps above, you should receive your new Uber driver referral bonus. In theory, you won’t see the amount as a large lump sum deposited into your bank account, since Uber hopes that you’ll just earn the guaranteed minimum fares they promise. But if you don’t, then they’ll deposit the money into your account to make up the difference once the time limit is up.

How to Earn Even More With Your Driver Referral Code

The Uber Sign-Up Bonus for Drivers

The Uber fare guarantees are a nice incentive when you first sign up for the service, but what can you do to boost your earnings as a driver once you’ve met the initial bonus requirements? The best way is through referring other drivers to the service. As a driver, you also have a unique referral code that you can give to other prospective drivers via email, text, social media or word of mouth.

By signing up with your Uber driver promo code, new drivers will be eligible for the referral bonus we already discussed, and you’ll also be eligible to receive bonus payments when the referred driver gives the minimum number of rides.

To find your code, navigate to the “Referral Code” menu item within the Uber partner app. From there, you can copy the code or send a direct link to anyone you want to refer. The code will work whether the referred person signs up to driver for UberX, UberBLACK, UberSUV or any other Uber service.

Start Earning Your Uber Driver Bonus

We hope this guide has given you a sense of the possibilities out there for earning extra cash as an Uber driver. If you’re curious about how to earn similar bonuses as a Lyft driver, check out this guide. Want a list of current Uber promotions for drivers? We’ve got you covered. If you don’t already use Uber and want to get a discount on your first ride, find out how here.

Don’t forget to sign up using the Uber driver invite code PRGEY to start earning your bonus (or get an Uber referral code from a driver you know).


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