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Understanding the UberX Dashboard, Weekly Invoices, Driver Summaries, and Payments

Understanding the UberX Dashboard, Weekly Invoices, Driver Summaries, and Payments

If you work as a rideshare driver part-time or full-time it can often be hard to understand the sheer amount of information provided in the Uber dashboard. There’s admittedly a lot to see, and you’d be forgiven if you don’t have enough time to dive into it all through trial and error – what with driving and all.

As such we’re going to provide an in-depth look into the UberX Dashboard, Weekly Summaries and Payment information and help you get off the ground as fast as possible – with as little stress as possible.

UberX Dashboard

Let’s start with the dashboard itself, of which will often be your first stop. It’s your access point for accessing everything including checking your vehicle and driver information. A summary of your past seven days (by default) is also displayed, complete with your rating, trips and fares. You can further opt to see data from 1, 7, 30 or 365 days by simply using the drop-down menu.

UberX Dashboard

In addition to your driver and vehicle information, it is here where you can check and update your contact information and banking details, along with any other pertinent documents. For those who have manage or own more than one vehicle that is currently accepting passengers, the Live Map feature in the dashboard enables the user to actively monitor the current location of them at any given time. This is unlikely to be useful for those with only one vehicle.

It is also through the dashboard that you will be able to access your invoices, as well as any current special offers that Uber is promoting. Lastly, there is an option to seek support and access a list of the most frequency asked questions by other Uber drivers.

Accessing Your Weekly Invoices

Accessed through the Uber dashboard is the invoices panel. It is here where all of your invoices will be collected – including weekly statements, which are all automatically created and calculated for you. These are handy to keep track of everything long-term, whilst the summaries provided in the dashboard are more useful for a quick-look at your earnings.

These invoices are also automatically emailed directly to you every Monday morning. That means you’ll have access to the fares, Uber’s commission, tolls you’ve encountered, and your total payout for the week without even needing to login to the dashboard itself.

If you scrolls down through this information you will be provided with a complete list that tracks all of your rides. This can be very handy if you want a quick glimpse of your entire earnings for the given period.

Understanding Your Weekly Driver Summaries

These weekly summaries that Uber provides are directly based upon your performance as a rideshare driver for the service. They can be a good indication if this is an ideal part-time or full-time position for you.

Uber Weekly payment statement 450x282

Produced weekly, they will deliver key insight into how much money you have earnt from taking fares, along with your rating for the week. If your driver rating is below average, it will provide some common tips as well as feedback from your passengers on how to improve your service.

In these summaries Uber also provides a detailed look at the busiest times of the previous week. This can allow you to adapt your driving time to suit the needs of passengers more carefully – thus allowing you to take on more fares and earn more revenue.

Finally, they also provide a comparison against your performance level and that of the other drivers in your city. It shouldn’t be treated as a competition, but instead can allow you to strive to deliver a better driving experience to your passengers.

How Your Uber Payments Work

The amount you earn from providing fares through Uber are paid out from your Rasier account and not the company itself. To accomplish this, you will be required to sign up for an account thought the Uber dashboard. This will then allow you to create setup your direct deposit details, thus ensuring your weekly payments are made on time. Though, it is worth noting that occasionally these payments can be slightly delayed or late.


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