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Washio Promo Code, Credit & Coupon Guide

What is Washio?

Chicago has forever led the best of blue-collar services and seamlessly upgrading into modern world. No surprise then, that the traditional ‘laundry and dry cleaning’ got a face-lift with Washio here. With convenient work hours over weekdays, green cleaning solvents, 24-hour turnaround, and easily downloadable smartphone apps, Washio is bringing the best cleaning services right at your doorstep.

How does Washio work?

washio how it works

Sign up – First time users need to create an account at the Washio website, or download the app. You may provide your email address or connect via Facebook account. Fill in your credit card information and done! Search your zip code to confirm that Washio services your locality.

Place Order – Once you’ve got your Washio account, simply tap the “Place Order” to select a half-hour window to schedule pick-up and drop-off times for your clothes. Rushed for time? Avail the exclusive ‘Washio Now’ service and watch a Washio Ninja turn up at your doorstep faster than a pizza delivery (we’re not kidding, less than 30 minutes!).

  • Free re-scheduling – If our ninja is stuck in traffic, weather or anything which delays your order, we don’t take your time for granted. We simply reschedule it free of charge.
  • Change orders – you can always alter your pick-up/ drop off times after the order is placed.
  • Recurring orders –schedule the same pick-up and drop-off times over several days or weeks.
  • Cleaning preferences – your app lets you pick fabric care preferences, detergent of choice and enter any other notes or additional instructions. We also have special bags marked for dry cleaning and laundering items. We don’t accept personal laundry bags (sorry!) and we insist you check your pockets for any loose paraphernalia (change, jewelry etc.)

PS: The re-usable dry-cleaning and laundry bags are all yours for future orders.

  • The minimum orders need to be $20, and a minimum of 15 lbs on laundry (wash and fold) inventory. More orders up to $35, there is a $3.99 delivery fee. Delivery is free for orders worth more than $35.

We do pick-up even if you’re unavailable. Just indicate your preferences clearly in the app. We send you regular updates via text alerts so you can keep track of it, wherever you are.

(We will be sad that you don’t get your cookie.)

Save big with a Washio promo code

Washio promo codes help you take off anywhere between $10 and $60 off your order. Additionally, there are promo codes for free delivery above $35 orders, free delivery on your first order and several other periodic coupons which help you save big on your Washio dry cleaning and laundry services. Standard coupon sites like Retailmenot, Promopro.com and Washio’s Facebook page regularly feature active saving opportunities with Washio promo codes, however, we have condensed the best ones for you below!

   Exclusive Washio coupon code for new users

 freeclean3 $25 off any order

Where to redeem the code?

Simply navigate to Free Washio > Redeem Coupon and enter your coupon code. Boom! Watch your Washio order become even more affordable. Promo codes can be added to the order any time after placing the order, before the delivery is done. You may also use coupon codes, referral credits or gift cards in the same way.

In case of any questions about billing, technical issues with the app, delivery or redeeming coupon codes – call +1 (866) 281-5686 or email: support@getwashio.com we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Optimum times to use the promo code?

Slickdeals, Gilt and Retailmenot periodically offer big savings ($25/ $30 off your entire Washio order!). The optimum times to avail them should be during a big order. For your weekly ‘wash and fold’ or ‘dry cleaning’ it might be wise to stick to smaller $6 / $10 coupon codes , while you may sign up and redeem the bigger ones on your seasonal dry cleaning order (e.g. Dry-cleaning all your winter-wear, suits and jackets around winter) or for high volume orders (laundering all player’s jerseys after hockey game).

Earn credit with by referring your friends to Washio

Navigate to “Refer a Friend” under your account and start earning $10 in Washio credits for each new sign-up. So if you get ten friends to sign up for Washio, you could get effective pad your next few orders with a surplus of $100. Pretty neat!

Get even more with the Washio app

Share the Washio app to get instant $10 referral credits. The Washio smartphone app accepts all major credit cards. The app is just the responsive version of the website, allowing you to quickly look up the FAQs section. From the kind of materials we service (No leather, faux leather or suede. Sorry) to billing, costs, coupons, referral credits, questions regarding orders and delivery – the Washio app let you fetch all the information with simple touch-screen operations.

Washio app

Slick design and easy ordering experience makes for premier customer service as well.

First time Washio user tips

There are a few things to keep in mind for the first time user of Washio:

  • The payment information is entered before you can redeem any coupons or even find out if your zip code is serviced. Don’t panic. We store the information in a secure, encrypted manner.
  • Pre-authorization charges to the tune of $2 are placed on your card with the first order. This is to verify that a valid payment card is being used. Upon full delivery of the order, the actual service fee is charged and the $2 is deposited back to your card.
  • You may add multiple cards to your account. Each transaction gets an itemized e-reciept.
  • Cash payment is not accepted. That extends to tips for the Washio ninjas too. Official policy clearly states there’s no need to tip them.
  • There is additional surcharge for materials like wool, silk, cashmere or chiffon which requires extra care while cleaning. The Washio app estimator can help in gauging the expected costs.
  • In case you miss your pick-up or delivery slot, sign into the app to modify timings before delivery is done. There is a $10 ‘no-show’ fee for missing your appointments.

Last updated July 18, 2018


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